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Cigarettes smoked 15

mileage 13.5

Bike touring on a brompton

By 9:00 am I’m in my granny gear and my quads are burning, I’m totally unprepared and loving every second of it.  I had stopped by the post office to weigh my front bag, it has a max load of 22 pounds.  After a late light of trimming, shaving and jettisoning everything I could I’m down to 26 pounds and the bike is a bit unwieldy but all and all rides like a dream.  My fucking ukulele on my back is driving me nuts and I know I’ll need to find a better way but I only 15 minutes into my journey.

Bicycle touring

The culprits are my full size Nikon and zoom lense, I had hoped to sell it an find a sweet little micro 4/3 with 35mm primary and that is still my goal but selling a camera on the road is not going to be easy.  I also have way too much food, even though I jettisoned quite a bit and three cans of beer.  I set off with exactly $750’bucks so every penny counts as does every ounce.  My medium wight long underwear are too heavy and occupy oso much space but it’s what I had.  I also had 4 now 3 little bottles of whiskey.  I had also planned on cycling the lost coast so brought a pile of spares but it’s closed due to a landslide so more shit and less money.  Then there is the bike chain.  It’s a long story but it’s in my bag and a hate to replace the one I’m using till it needs it, yes another budget thing but it’s also one more culprit.

The waves are smashing the ferry, I should have folded and brought Brompty up with me but another sign I have too much stuff to wrangle.  This is going to be a very experience with a huge learning curve of how smile I can make my cargo and my journey.  I weigh a buck sixty soaking wet, ad 35 pounds or so of gear and that puts my riding weight at damn near 200 pounds.  My goal was and is sub 180, I’ll get there for sure but not today.

My goal was for an easy first day, a chance to unwind and gilet used to having to clock, I look at my wrist a thousand times a day for no reason other than there used to be a watch there, I never realized how often I did this or how unhealthy it is.  The sun is my clock now.  Unlike just about every person who strives to have more in this world, my goal is to have less.  Just the right amount of this and that, my mind trails off to the homeless guys on rusty old beach cruisers I’d meet all over Hawaii, thier tiny day packs and the freedom it gave them.

Notes I’m crushed, the hills killed me.  I stopped to take off a layer and climbed a huge hill.  At the top a girl in her car was yelling at, you dropped something, I looked back at my seat bag and oh fuck, I left my ukulele sitting on the side of the curb at the bottom of the hill, all my money and passport were in it.  I rode like the devil and thank god it was still there.  Day one the uke has been a huge fail, it’s hard to wear on my back, constantly shifting and strangles me, the things we do for love.  Steiger off the ferry I was smacked with reality, big trucks spewing smog, narrow shoulders and many hills, the guide book says this is easy, I’m screwed.  It was a good and very hard day, tomorow I will see triple the mileage.  The front bag is way too heavy and dangerous, I’ve lightened again today and that damn camera is now heavier than ever, it’s a burden but also important till I can find a lighter one, I’ve already had many thoughts of mailing it away but I’m not ready for that yet. Deception pass camp ground is a shit hole with never ending fighter jets over head and no close water or restrooms.  I’m really tired, spirits are high but energy is very low and I’m a bit worried about tomorrow, where I’ll find the energy to cook and why I brought the things I did, much wasted money that could have been used on better no cook food, warmer clothes and the such…

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