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Brompton flat tiretotal miles 232

miles 32


Brompton touring

By 5:00am everything I possess in the world is soaking wet, im talking it couldn’t be wetter if it was underwater.  Im not sure what to do, I’ve never tried to break camp that is underwater.  Not sure what I expected sleeping in a rainforest but I have honestly never seen it rain that hard in my life and I lived in the wettest spot on the planet earth.  It would rain even harder later in the day. But not until just after I made camp and did my best to clean and dry the tent a bit

Brompton touring

i packed up my muddy soaking wet tent and all my belongings heading for the sanctuary of the closest coffee shop I could find. My Vouri running tights are amazing, just call me Dr spandex but I’m never taking these things off, in part with my Terry thermal skirt they are amazing, warm and I can cycle in them all day, the comefort factor is through the roof and I love the camo print.

Brompton bike tour

this day would start on a freeway in the driving rain, torrent winds and five fucking flat tires.  I should stop right now and try and explain what this is like but it’s unexplainable.  I’m on the side of the Fwy, cars flying by and many of them honking at me, I’m covered in mud as the driving rain blinds me, everything is so muddy I can’t function, it’s so loud I can’t listen for the second hole I missed after the first one was patched and all put back together.  I would get 4 of these, I’m almost out of patches and then the 5th riding into Aberdeen, some of the punctures were huge, in Aberdeen in a last ditch effort to save patches I replaced the tube, the rain and mud are giving me some issues and I may side track into Portland for my first real service in over 2000 miles and newer stronger tires, it’s amazingly crippling when you flat out on a fully loaded bike, you can’t even walk the thing.  So to make a short story longit took me 11 hours to make 32 miles.

Brompton touringim way over my budget, my world is soaked and I’m at my breaking point, it wasn’t until I was in the shower this morning trying to warm my fridigid bones that I realized I forgot my towel in the tent, my shoes were too close as was my front bag and so my my shoes squeak with water as I walk and even my food is wet.  I put soaking wet clothing back on for a very fridigid ride to find a laundry mat and food.  It’s day 7 and I’m taking the day off to rest, eat and regroup.

Brompton touring

so far the first week has been very challanging, amazing and beautiful and more than I ever could have imagined both good and bad.  Money is going way too fast so the trip will be cut short but either way I’m out here today and have been able to meet each challange with a smile, even when I’m having a super rough time of it I’m reminded of the mind numbing alternative that I would be facing if I wasn’t out here getting my ass handed to me around every corner.  I’m super excited to get to Portland were I wouldn’t mind spending the winter although I’m not sure we’re the best place to bus in from is, I’ll cross that bridge once I’ve crossed the bridge, unless I can hitchhike across that is, I fucking hate  bridges and the one at Astoria has zero shoulder and is 2 fucking miles long.

Notes, I’m warm and dry but more rain is on the way, I’m still starving as I haven’t found good fatty food I can afford in this town but I’m headed to the store soon.  Finding a laundry mat could be made into a good scene from the Big Lebowski with a John Goodman character who treated me like a three year old continually insulting my intelligence and reprimanding me to read a fucking sign until I explained that I didn’t have a phone, the directions on the locked door clearly said to cal… I rang the bell not having a phone. Once he realized I didn’t have a phone and was doing things in the direct military protocol he was very nice till it asked the code to the shit infested restrooms, he told me if I saw the code he would have to kill me and harder the punch pad with his life. I’m still weak, tired and hungry but at least I’m dry, baby steps…

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