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Total miles 285

mileage 54


money spent over 50 bucks and worth every penny, who knew that there was a thing called chocolate milk? Haven’t had a hot meal yet but that’s about to change

Not much to write about, the day started with cold coffee and lots of rain. A relatively easy 54 ish miles and now I just dropped 35 bucks for a chocolate milk and commercial camp site as the state one was closed and way too creepy to poach. Raymond was freakish as in every girl and there were many was young and beautiful beyond words, I had to drag my self out of the coffee shop as all the girls kept wanting one more story, it’s not easy being Stormy 😉

Touring in a brompton image

Sammy the stonner tried her her best to get this all in one shot and gave me my first good luck kiss of the day, it wouldn’t be my last, not by a long shot…for some reason I have been getting good luck kisses everywhere I go.  I guess my smile tells a story my tired soul can’t.

Brompton touring

im trying to slow down and it’s making the riding much easier but I have to say at mile 50 and my last hill climb with a warm beer and ciggi on my mind I was in 5th gear standing hammering the pedals like lance Armstrong only I wasn’t jacked on roids…


Twin harbors was a great camp ground and the rangers are all cyclists and had lots of good info  I would suggest starting this ride from here and heading south.

Brompton set up

The Brompton is an absolute touring machine, she has never let me down and each day it keeps getting better.  I do or may need to sidetrack to Portland for new tires or I may just trust that the one I have will hold. I do need a pump but that just may turn up at a local bike shop and my seat??? Yep, not so much love for it.  All and all this has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

  1. notes, I’m stinky a bit sore, really stinky and happy as hell.  I’m bummed it’s costing so much but so is the nature of the world and if I have to side track to work for a few chain links so be it.  I’m starting to relax a bit but today a truck pulling a trailer tried to pass as car and came within 9″ of hitting me head on, what a complete fucking asshole, I don’t even think he saw me but why would he, I was on the side of the road he shouldn’t have been.  I’m glad I started from where I did but I wouldn’t do it again, Washington is a bad state for cyclists and that’s the way it is.  I have to cross that 4.2 mile bridge in a few days, no shoulder and I’m as scared as I am excited.  If you only had one week and about 250 bucks I can’t imagine a better way than a blue collar bicycle tour.
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