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Who makes the rules? I was up as usual an hour before dawn and feeling like a million bucks.  Shity cup of instant coffee in hand, soaking wet tent rolled up Brompty packed up and on the road before 8:00am. My knee has been giving me indicators but I couldn’t exactly locate the pain, today that is no longer an issue.  My IT band is jacked, this is the reason I gave up ultra running but it’s never been an issue on the bike.

Cycling with logging trucks

By 10:00am I was crippled to the point I could barely walk and even standing was an issue.  I’m taking a lay day but miss the road already, it’s my routine and as routine as it is I love it, always seeing new things and never knowing where I will be sleeping, a new dawn every day, living a good life is quite addicting.  I’m sitting In a rocker overlooking some River and in mucho paino, yes I am fluent in Spanish.  Sipping on a nice tin cup of whiskey I’m bummed at what my future may hold for me, I want to ride on.

Minimalist cycling gear

today will be a day to go through all my gear and scrutinize every gram.  I have two full days of snacks with the next very hilly hundred miles showing one camp ground, I’m not even sure I can make it to Canon Beach but I won’t know if I don’t try.  If the trip is off I don’t know where I’ll go or what I’ll do but Fish Bay is too stormy for my comefort and Bellingham has no slip for me so Sookie sits and waits, as far as winter goes so who knows where I’ll hang my helmet.

Minimalist gear brompton

My gear is already a bare minimum, I don’t have any street clothing, just bare bones riding clothing, I find it really funny when every girl I talk too can’t help but to sneak in flustered peeks at Mr Winky. Riding clothes are the greatest till you dismount.  My Vouri cycling tights have not come off since the sun went away and in conjunction with my Terry skirt keep my lower half happy at all times.  My helmet is so comfy I rarely take it off and while I have one too may upper layers I can’t bear to drop any of them.  Two synthetic tee shirts, a Patagonia R1, my fleece wind stopper vest and an old super cushy, squishy and light fleece jacket, all very old.  My new Precip rain jacket works well but is always clammy.


My biggest tragedy was losing my tiny Swiss Army knife, it was a Greatful  Dead rainbow edition and I loved it beyond compare, it weighed less than an ounce and I used it daily.  I’m not using my tItanium cook kit as I’ve failed at every meal but can’t bear to let it go as it robbed me of many fun nuggets.  I have regretfully sent my uke off to be cared for till I can manage it, the road is just too nasty to bring such a fine instrument and it was a nightmare to carry across the state of Washington but a goldmine in the evenings.  I’m still holding onto my 4 lb Nikon mostly because my iPad is dying but if I find a way into an iPhone 5 or 6 I’m jettisoning both the camera and I pad which will put me in a much better place, God I love Craig’s list.  I can shop and browse items a few days down the trail and actually have been trying to sell my Nikon as I ride.  I have an old iPhone 4 and I should have brought that and left the bug guns home, live and learn.

Pika t bag

I am learning and finding out I’m living quite minimally compared to most cyclists but still have food in my bag from day one, I brought way too much stuff.  My big delema is to dump my unused long undies, they are medium weight and so far just a what if worst cast senery thing, more fear but it’s been really cold and getting colder and 8 wet hours in the saddle begs for warmth but so far I’ve been keeping my Terry skirt cleanish and dry for those emergencys and it’s great for roadside or laundry mat quick changes, a real game changer in the adventure travel realm for me.  At some point I plan on writing about all my gear and how it’s working but so far I’ve had bigger fish to fry.

I’m not sure what day it is but it’s cold and blustery, a few snow flakes actually found me this morning. I’m still in my rocking chair but ready for another hot shower and some gear shifting.  You never know what you will find out here but it’s all good, even the bad has good in it if you can stop take a deep breath and find it.  My next post may be from Hawaii but that decision will be made from the other side of the tunnel and there are many more to navigate on my trusty Brompton…

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