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Not a single hour of any day has passed without me second guessing pulling the plug on my bike trip to Mexico. In many ways that journey was the beginning of a much larger voyage, and possibly was the most relevant undertaking I have sought out to achieve in my life.  Sure Mexico was on the tip of my tongue but it was a test to see if I just wanted to continue on all the way around the world.  In short the answer was revealed almost instantly and a resounding yes.

Brompton bike tour

Three weeks have slipped through my fingertips since that bitter sweet day.  While I had no plans of returning north for the winter here I am and my world is getting larger every day.  An invitation to stay at the bat cave turned into a miricle on wheels, ending at an estate in the sky overlooking the islands , I honestly didn’t ever want to leave.

Brompton bike tour

Three weeks out of the saddle has made me fat and lazy, out of shape and one mile into my ride the answers to all my questions were answered, my knee is still blown. I should have called the trip and turned around but it felt so good to be back in the saddle, so free and so exciting to roam off the map and find myself.  I had very little idea where I was going but wasn’t worried, I know just about everybody in the islands, I knew I would find my way.  The hills were big and hurt, I was overdressed at times and underdressed at others, fall is exploding sending my senses into overload.

Brompton bike tour

My first stop was Deer Harbor, sipping a cold Anchor Steam with tourists in the light drissle was delightful, I found a friends new boat but he wasn’t around so I continued my tour down quiet county roads meandering a crooked course, the pace as lazy as I am.  A closed farm stand was calling my name so I stopped to hide from the rain and smoke a ciggie, I was soaking up what is called the Gold Coast and enjoying every ounce of the view when I heard my named called.  I was literally in the middle of nowhere but there was my friend, the one I was here to visit, I was exactly where I was supposed to be.

Brompton 2017

We picked juicy fire red apples that matched the maple leaves surrounding us, then moved on to ones that matched the fall aspens, munching on the sweet nectar nature had provided for us.  Meandering through the woods, by a nice pond while the dog chased everything with the same enthusiasm I have for Brompty and finally we were at the garden to pick fresh carrots  for the cake. A birthday extravaganza and a dinner party was in the making at the steel fortress perched high over the pass. The view was endless across the many islands Sookie has carried me to.  I’m moving Sookie to this island as soon as I can find a safe spot to hang her hook.

Brompton bike tour

A giant fire, flickered and danced with the laughter that filled our grand celebration, good food and great company marked yet one more impossibly perfect journey like the many that start and finish from the saddle of my faithful Brompton. Travel insoired by Natural power is an addictive way to explore, I can go as far as I’m willing and able .  I’m not ready to leave this magical paradise but I’ll be back on those quiet country roads again, sooner rather than later.  It’s good to be home in my little island paradise, the tourists are gone, I see more deer on the back roads than cars, the slow lane is my chosen way of travel.

“As a kid I had a dream – I wanted to own my own bicycle. When I got the bike I must have been the happiest boy in Liverpool, maybe the world. I lived for that bike. Most kids left their bike in the backyard at night. Not me. I insisted on taking mine indoors and the first night I even kept it in my bed.” John Lennon

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