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Stepped on a pop top, cut my heel had to cruise on back home.  But Sookie has whiskey, she hasn’t forgot me, in 24 hours I’ll be back at home…

My journey south wasn’t without sailboats, I met sailors everywhere I went including quite a few who visit these pages.  I may or may not write about the watery world this journey took me on but one thing for sure, there was no shortage of amazing sailors and sailboats and yes more than one invitation to sail on once I reached my unknown destination.

Lyle Hess 34

A lifetime has been spent dreaming of this, that and the other.  Distant shores have always been on the tip of my tongue and while I’ve always had a good taste I’ve often wondered if I wanted more than the salty world has already shown me. Now landlocked in a sea of farms and fields I know the answer for today is no.  Not no as in I’m done with sailing but no as in I don’t ever want to take Sookie beyond the sea she currently calls home.

Bellingham is now and has always been one of my favorite places on earth even if the cold wet winters are less than desirable.  I’ve been doing quite a bit of exploring over the last year or so and am continually devising a life aboard as well as a life far removed from the sea.  Spring and fall for travel and winter and summer for working but the how, when, why and where of it all still illudes me.  I’m also falling closer and closer to the breaking point of life without a canine companion which is a full time responsibility in its own right but one I miss more than any other aspect of my years on this planet.

Plane tickets, bus tickets and but of course how and where to live are ruling my mind as I pack away one adventure while I’m already planning the next.  Home means many things to many people, for me it’s little more than where I’m currently laying my head.  As much as I have a absolute and complete disdain for automobiles I’m off in search of a VW Westfailia to call home for the brief season I have committed to working each year between adventures and then there is Sookie, she is tugging at the bits for more northerly exploration and a bit of nesting complete with new heat, a real stove and fixed water tank.

My days are easy and lazy today but in just a few short days that is all going to change, my body might be in recovery but my brain is already drawing up each cut of teak, drilling a monster hole in my deck for a flue and wondering what color the new bags for my new sails will be.  Roller furling is still on the table as is dumping my engine once and for all in exchange for a truly authentic sailing experience.

Adventure is what we make of it as is the tedium and mediocrity of earning the next big one.  In between the lines of all the non essential days I still have my trusty Nikon and iPad, the tools of my trade.  Who knows where I will open my eyes in the morning, the location isn’t as important as the fact that I’m there living out my tiny fantasy of being a modern day explorer in a world where every void has been touched other than those in the deep recesses of my mind…

My fingers are blood red, stained the color of my Jack Tar Cab that is coming along fine.  My ukulele is still lost in space but will make it home soon enough but where is home.  The train I’m on is rickety and rocking me back and forth, at 10:30 tonight it will pull into Seattle where I will spend the night.  The next 6 hours will be spent deciding if I jump a plane in the morning to Hawaii, fly to Key West or bus it home to Sookie.  I’m seriously bummed to have ended my ride but I will pick it up again exactly where I stepped off and finish in the spring.  As for me, well I have a cold can of Sierra Nevada and a bag of chips to sustain me until I arrive at the beginning of my next adventure….

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