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When I first met pixie it was love at first sight, simply rigged, stout and ready to cross oceans.  Her new blog Pixie sails is sure to delight anyone who has ever dreamed of crossing oceans on a well found yacht.  Step aboard for the journey, her lanterns are lit and there is pleanty of space for you to join along in her cozy cabin.

Bristol Channel,cutter blog

Turn the clock back a few years, Bill and Cathy they were dreaming if finding the perfect boat to circumnavigate and eventually they did, a beautiful crealock 37. Now a bit older and wiser having finished their world cruise they have moved up to a Bristol Channel Cutter 28. On paper both boats are identical in beam, displacement, LWl, LOA and sail area.  Both brilliant yachts but when you drop them in the water they are at opposite ends of the spectrum.

There is much I could post here but I don’t want to be a spoiler.  Be sure to have a visit and bookmark their site.  Bill and Cathy are the real deal having used a sextant over modern forms of navigation for thier entire circumnavigation. The blog also links to trip notes from their first journey but I’m going to be the monkey on Cathy’s back making sure she posts often.

its been two years now since sitting at the wooden boat festiville drinking ice cold beers that Bill kept sliding in front of me while we discussed down wind sailing, tri sails and sailing in the trades, he is a wealth of information, they both are.

“The cabin of a small yacht is truly a wonderful thing; not only will it shelter you from a tempest, but from the other troubles in life, it is a safe retreat.”–L. Francis Herreshoff

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