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For me the list is short and simple, Falmouth Cutter 22, Vetrue ll 25, Vancouver 27, Nor,Sea 27, Bristol Channel Cutter 28, I don’t know of any other boats that fit my personal requirements for a safe, comefortable, seaworthy blue water sailboat. This is my list but what about the theoretical hers?

Women who sail

Finding a seaworthy boat is simple, write a big check and she’s yours but on she-worthiness it’s whole different ball game.  I love all the above mentioned boats but as of today still prefer my outboard engine and shit bucket.  Don’t get me wrong, a well running high octane inboard trumps and outboard hands down when it comes to convienince and at times it’s possible that it may even be safer but  they also cost a lot, smell like shit and take a giant portion of your boat away, everything is a tradeoff.  For me the number one reason to have a Diesel engine has nothing to do with the engines auxiliary propulsion but rather the giant fuel tank than can plumb to a heater and the alternator that can charge the batteries that run said heater.  I’m extremely fire paranoid and prefer diesel to all other heat sources.

Women who sail

Again heat is at the top of she-worthiness.  When I purchased Sookie I had the exact opposite in mind, I wanted a boat that would have the long term effect of keeping most of the opposite sex away and uninterested and boy has it worked.  I always thought my stinky little hippie girl, hairy armpits and all would show up but that hasn’t been the case as of yet. I guess I did too good of a job at protecting myself from having one too  many anchors on the boat.

Space is another factor for the she crowd, I like a small cozy boat, the world is full of space, just row to shore and roam as far and wide as your heat desires.  Oddly enough the bucket is rarely an issue but the lack of an oven often is.  And then there is the shower, yes I could add a water maker but I won’t, I like showering on deck or in the water, it’s fun and when it’s cold I can just row to shore or take a sponge bath in the boat.

Maybe I’ve just had a bit of bad luck but when it comes to making my boat she-worthy I find that the parties that have been interested have only been interested if I make the boat exactly like a house, with a pottie, shower, refrigeration, freezer, push button heat and space to roam.  Oddly enough, with each passing year I start to wonder if personally I wouldnt prefer a boat that is a bit more she-worthy.  I’m not there yet but there are times when a hot indoor shower seems like it would be pretty luxurious and cold beer, well who wouldn’t like that.  They say the spots on a leopard never change so I may just stick with my trational ways forever but in this life we really do never know what lays around the corner.

The images above are my ex wife Lizzie who I love very much, she never had any complaints about any of the three boats we sailed together but where as my heart and soul are connected to the sea, hers were always found the highest tops of mountains.  Some things no matter how wonderful were just never meant to be.  I’m camera-less so I had to use a few old images…

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