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Ok, ok, ok, I know… I have a problem, I need to get help.  I’m thinking about a journey to the Alaska via the Blue Canoe ferry, then a quick hop to the Arctic Circle for the spring solstice to begin my ride through the Alaska Canada HWY.

Brompton bike tour

Its a hard choice because I’d also like to ride the Camino  De Santiago, tour the Hawaiian islands and then there is south east Asia. The Deep South is on my list as is the Alps and just about every place from here to there, maybe I can do them all.

Bit by bit I’m packing my bike bags, replacing everything I destroyed, jetosoning the things that didn’t work and trying desperately not to add the things I wished I had had.

Its a bit scary to think about, there will be bears, Polar, black and brown,  wildlife in every form, huge storms, giant trucks and very long distances between civilization.  Not really an expedition but a good ride on the Alcan seems like a delightful way to spend the spring. I’m dreaming and I’m dreaming big.

From the log of Brompty, Newport Oregon. My ride is over, bitter sweet as I’ve found that my system is bullet proof, but my body isn’t.  I lost today but it doesn’t mean I have to like it.  I’ll be back on the road in the blink of an eye.

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