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My day started out like any other day on the trip.  Eat, stretch, break camp, one more cup of coffee and visits to all the other cyclists for morning banter.  Once saddled up for a long day I would slowly turn the pedals an settle in for the ride.  Rain, head winds and hills always seemed to start my day, cold fingers and a bit of a shiver while I slowly warmed up watching the world unfold in front of my eyes


Im convinced that while never intended for such silly things that my Brompton was the best choice for the trip, I would choose her again and will on my next ride.  Her cockpit was the most comefortable I’ve ever experienced and I’ve been fortunate to own many very fine bicycles, she fit me like a glove.

Karate monkey

The Brompton has turned out to be so economical and such a great investment even on my pathetic annual budget that I’m contemplating upgrading to the titanium version with a few minor tweaks including losing the rack and making my own fenders.

San Juan ferry

Ruining bikes by leaving them tied onto Sookies deck had me shopping for a good folding bike although I have to admit I did fear it would be the end of my long days in the saddle and once and for all out an end to my days of touring, I simply can’t afford two bikes financially or spatially.  I couldn’t have been more wrong, Brompty as it turns out is a world class touring bike.  She also fits anywhere and is just as fun for a quick bop to the store or a day trip to the top of Mt Constellaion on Orcas.  She is alway free on the ferry as am I because I rode her instead of driving a car.

Brompton wine sale

For me it’s all fun and games but I can’t help but to wonder what if everybody got a trusty folder and started parking their cars in the garage or getting rid of them all together.  Not only does ownership of a good folding bike breed financial success by saving all the money thrown away by car ownership but it stops or at least extremely slows your aging process, keeps you healthy, fit and strong which equates to mental bliss.  I can’t remember the last time my body was this tight, a quick 50 mikes is a walk in the park and experiencing the elements from the saddle makes winter so much more enjoyable.

Brompton boat bike

i live my bike so much I’m I’m actually contemplating opening a small shop just for folders, new and used.  I hear talk of this and that, save the planet, global warming… if you care about the world you live in and the body you occupy isn’t time you make a small investment in your health and happiness and buy a Brompton. The US uses an average of 20 million barrels of oil a day at this pace wars will never end, think about that little fact next time you jump,into your car or fill the belly of that beast with fuel.  It’s already started, bicycle ownership is up ten fold, people are dumping their cars or at least using them a lot less.  Every time you jump on your bike an adventure is at hand, the crisp cold air on your checks and that alive feeling you have whooshing down the road on nothing but your own power.  With all the money you save you can eat higher quality food and in general have a higher standard of living.

Brompton 2017

Take the money you save on car payments, maintenence and stress and invest it in your future, life is too short, every peddle stroke on your bike makes the world bigger, slowes the progression of time and one last little tidbit.  Second only to a puppy at the end of a string, nothing in the world is better than a folder for making new friends.  These curious looking bikes arent just the future of a cleaner world, they are the revolution.  I have so much more I want to write about this but it’s Monday and I have a date with  Brompty to ride down to the south end for a piping hot latte and a bit of flirting with an island girl I met the other day when I was combing the beach for agates.  I know what your thinking, but it’s Monday, shouldn’t you be off to work?  If I had a car I would be sitting in bumper to bumper traffic on my way to some hateful job to pay for it but my Brompton is free and so am I…

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