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I’m as close to owning a Bristol Channel Cutter as I’ve ever been, she is near perfect and mine for the taking.  Much newer than Sookie and ready for blue water cruising, fatty knees and all.  I’m frustrated as hell, it shouldn’t be this way. I check my email and my new copy of Taleisins Tales has arrived, just what the doctor ordered. Lin pardey can get me through anything, I love her for this and countless many other reasons.

Taleisins tales

I read through chapter one, tears welling up in my eyes, I get a chill up my spine as she talks about the ghost of Seraffyn. The first three BCC’s I was serious about were easy enough to walk away from. The one in Hawaii was damn near new and I had the ability to take possession and sail her home, she was perfect from her free hand windvane to her perfect sail assortment, this purchase would have gone down in history as the best purchase of a Turn key BCC in history but I couldn’t commit. I had alterior reasons for going to Hawaii which I never talked about and I still won’t.  Either way that boat could have been mine but the ghost of Sookie wouldn’t have any part of it.

There is something about Sookie, her spirit speaks to me and I miss her when we are apart, I feel a strange pride and often guilt based off of necglect when I leave her, it’s un natural and quite frankly freaks me out.  We have been through many trials together, she is not just a boat, she is a home and a dream and a better way through life but still… a bigger boat means many things but it’s also cheaper than finishing outfitting Sookie, I don’t care about the money but finding reasonable paying work has me at a virtual standstill. It’s also just plain nice to have a bit more space, a bit more comefort and a bit more weight underfoot.

the latest BCC a few years older than the last but all and all in reasonably good condition, the monitor vane sucks, the rudder is full of water, the wood necgletected, all easy stuff but again Sookie weighs heavily in my thoughts like I’m some how letting her down, abandoning her, throwing her away…

I’ll never forget the first time I stepped aboard BCC, it was Mike Anderson’s, who built Sookie, I’ve spent the last 29 years of my life knowing some day I would call one my home, I’ve helped build them, rebuild them, sail them and know every inch of their construction although way back in 1987 I didn’t know she had a smaller sister ship, the Falmouth, the ship I now call my home.

These feelings persist in me yet as I read Lin’s book, they slowly were overshadowed by the new boat and all of the luxury and advantages it provided even though it was only 29’6″ on deck.  Yes, bigger is often better, I close the book to ponder her words, my life and my relationship with Sookie and the meeting of her larger sistership…

“But I also came to feel her ghost as a special gift, a reminder that size never mattered, that seaworthiness alone outweighed all other traits. Seraffyn’s  ghost lingered as a reminder that the ultimate luxury is time granted to do what we enjoyed most.” Lin Pardey


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