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The storm of the century blew to the north without a whimper over 40 knots but there will be many more.  I get a text from an ex lover, she wants me to come ride the storm like we stole it. Her friends say a sailor shouldn’t be afraid of a storm, landlubbers. As I’m reading the text a commercial fisherman walks into the bar and announces he’s staying a few days as he’s hiding from the impending storm. I smile, seamanship is an awesome super power. The marina is filling fast, lots of sailors blowing in.

Falmouth cutter

I need to pull Sookies anchor line and make new dock lines, she will have more chain and thicker line by the end of the year. Thats how it always goes, I use the un-thrashed parts of her old rode to make new dock lines, the last 100 of her 330′ rarely see the sea or the bottom, new line every other year is good and cheap insurance.  They say blood is thicker than water, I ponder this as she does her best to intice me to leave Sookie and help stoke her fire.  To be honest she had me at hello but Sookie trumps a beautiful young girl with a wood stove every day of the week. She is my home, my master and my servant.

Living aboard a sailboat

It’s late, I just got back to Sookie and my fingers and toes are cold, it’s too early for the frost we have gotten but no matter I’m back and this is my life now. I have no complaints other than a lack of a free range hippie to do some winter exploring with me but that’s how it goes in the islands, summer has gone and with it all of the golden locks that teased me all summer, it’s hybermate season like it or not.

 Blue water sailboats

I get a quote for new glasses, $750 bucks, or I could push the button on my tiny tot even though I still havent found a home for it.  I sitting on this one till my nipples are hard enough to cut glass.  My thick wool sweater will do for now as will my thickest socks and candles to heat the boat.  Sometimes I get lonely but not enough to… let’s face it loneliness and desperation make for a terrible match maker.  There is a beauty in the limbo I dance, that sanctuary bestween shadow and darkness where the light falls into a magic glow reminding me that there are worse things than being alone.  Sookie is looking good but she needs attention before the big freeze up.  The vhf weather is pissing me off , I shut it off, tap on the barometer and pour a glass of wine from my box.  My brain is scattered but in a very good place as am I.

Best small blue water sailboats

From the log of Sookie, storm front.  I get of the phone with my broker, the BCC I’ve been eyeballing  and have made one offer on just fell out of contract.  She’s mine if I want her but do I?  The lantern cuts the cold as I make splices for Sookies new dock lines.  When is enough enough?  Do I really want a heater badly enough to buy a new boat???

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