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Sookies galley may not be as fancy as the steel fortress but she meets my every need.  As a liveaboard home base and transportable moveable feast she is damn near perfect, almost.  Packing her away every year is hard and since I never know when I’ll return I always need to be careful what I leave aboard.  My constant goal is to store a full year supply of food aboard, no small feat.

Living aboard a sailboat

Each year I fall a little further off the grid, Sookie becomes a little more sustainable and as always my end goal is to have the smallest footprint within reason. I say this because of my love for public transportation and the fact that I will board a plane, train or some form of public tramsportation at every opportunity with my trusty Brompton in tow for a mini adventure.  The issue is that more often than not I return to an empty boat with no or very little money and it’s a scramble to survive.

Boat galley

With my current 2 days on 5 days off I’m not going to starve and have all the time I need for exploring but stocking the ship is a challenge.  I’m trying to move away from most foods that come in a container but it’s a struggle.  For now lentles are pilling up, rice neatly fits and stores well, and as much as I’m not a pasta fan, I have piles of it, if for no other than reason it’s cheap, lasts forever and easy to store.

Sailboat galley

When I returned I bought a bag of onions, a giant pile of corn tortillas that will last months without refrigeration and bags of potatoes which I’m slowly removing from my diet.  I rarely eat meat but local island veggies at least for now are free and the boat is piled with them.  My lockers are slowly filling, a can of peanut butter here, a sac of peppercorn there and it feels good to be slowly loading Sookie to LWL.  At some point I’ll split either on the boat with Brompty in tow or on my bike for a long journey but if all goes Sookie will be stocked to the brim.  My thanksgiving meal will be cooked on Sookies new stove and I may even have a real water tank by then, at least a small one.  You can’t rush these things on a boat like the FC, each piece is part of a bigger puzzle that was drawn over a hundred years ago.

Living aboard a sailboat

Ive walked away from yet another BCC preferring to hold out for one of the latter ones built and one that is as near perfect for me as Sookie and I’m close but not in any hurry.  I have everything I need right now, the new ship will arrive soon enough and like Sookie I’ll pay cash for her.

I'm winning

its a cold rainy day but much is going on. In my tiny world, now all I have to do is decide which I want first, running water or a gimballed stove.  Tomorrow is payday and I’ll order an alcohol heater and five gallons of fuel to take the nip off of winter.  It feels really good to living a bit of a normal life for now but like everything in life my stagnation is very temporary.  To break up the monotony of my two day work week Brompty is always packed and ready to roll, the only question is where will I go this week…

“Success is doing what you want to do, when you want, where you want, with whom you want, as much as you want.” – Tony Robbins

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