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The hatches are battened, Sookie is warm and dry with extra lines added just to be safe.  Winter aboard in the pacific North West is a different type of monster.  You don’t get the cold temperatures like you do in other parts of the world but the wet windy days are bone chilling. Condensation never stops and the battle to snug on the boat is never ending but one I thourally enjoy.

One of my all time favorite images and yes it really was that cold.

One of my all time favorite images and yes it really was that cold.

Space is at a premium when you live on a small boat, the week will be spent working on a heating system, a project I’ve failed at for over 5 years now and the one and only reason I would ever consider moving up to a Bristol Channel Cutter 28, something I think about and contemplate 25 hours a day.

i wouldn’t have acquired Sookie if I didn’t think she was the best boat on the planet but way back then I never intended to spend a single winter aboard in the colder northern climates.  She is well ventilated and in the dead of winter I can keep her near 45 degrees but dreams of not ever being tied to a dock have me lost between the freedom of owning a boat that It’s too cold to use and being owned by a boat that could go anywhere regardless of the cold yet is tied to the dock with payments. Both equal prisons, neither ideal…I’ve come to a stand still.

For all the love I have for the BCC I simply prefer the lines and sailing charichteristics of the Falmouth better, these two boats are night and day in their differences beyond the first glance.  As far as seaworthieness I don’t know if there  is a huge difference beyond windward ability and comefort wise, while Sookie is smaller I really prefer her layout.  On deck the BCC trumps just about every boat in existence but I have very few complaints about Sookies dack layout, if I have any it’s simply a matter of constrictions due to her size.

i was recently asked if I could have any sailboat on the planet what would it be, a question I really can’t answer.  I love the Hess 26 but I’ve always been a small boat sailor and even that boat seems to be more than I need although having sailed aboard one as often as I can it just may be the best blue water cruising boat ever designed above the pocket cruiser level.

My sketch book is over flowing, my mind sailing in circles and just like I do at this time of year, every year I’m balancing my needs over freedom and wants…it’s so easy to fall from the freedom wagon with wandering eyes that more often than not leads to the origial place we fought so hard to escape from.

 “As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler; solitude will not be solitude, poverty will not be poverty, nor weakness weakness.”
― Henry David Thoreau

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