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On my hands and knees perched on the side of the 101 I had never before experienced changing a flat on the side of a fwy.  Cars zoomed by at 80mph only a few feet from me, the wind was blowing 30 on the nose and the driving rain stung as I tried to patch my flat. I was covered in mud the noise from traffic too loud to listen for air escaping and my vision wouldn’t  let me just look.  I would pump the tube lick a few inches and hold the tube by my cheek attempting to feel the hiss of air escaping the tube.  This would happen 5 times in two hours, the road debris were atrocious.

Brompton touring set up

Bears, elk, bat shit crazy drivers, tunnels, bridges, bad or no shoulders and the weather, I can’t even begin to describe what it’s like to try and pedal up hill in the head winds i met on the pacific coast. More often than not I was lost but my bad navigation was by design, i wanted to discover the world I live in, I had nothing but time and my days were spent in overload of exploration.  Of all the challenges I met out there my trusty Brompton never once let me down.  She was a joy ride and made friends everywhere we went.

Touring on a Brompton

I’ve had many folding bikes over the years and ridden everyone of them into the ground.  Ive long since lost track of how many miles my faithful Brompton has carried me but I’ve put her through some serious hell when it comes road conditions although many of the places I have taken her had no road.


The Brompton is not a touring bike, it was designed as a city commuter and while it leads the world in quality and design in the folding bike arena mine has become an urban assault vehicle.  one of the biggest surprises on this journey was truly realizing how lazy I had become.  There are just times when ten miles seems like a chore.  After riding 50 miles day in and day out with a few passes in between now bouncing on Brompty  for a quick 20 miles to Roche Harbor for a latte seems like a walk in the park.

Bicycle touring bikes

My body was transformed  into a 48 year old machine.  I have zero body fat, six pack abs and blown quads, just one of the many joys that riding a bike 512 miles for a free glass of wine will deliver.  I honestly haven’t felt this tight since my days as an ultra runner.  Now laying on my ass in Sookie sipping on a cool beer I have to make sure I heal fast and stay in my groove because I will finish this journey with Brompty come hell or high water, it’s in my blood now.

Brompton art

Once I dialed in my load I didn’t even notice that I was on an unsupported fully loaded bike tour.  She rode so nicely and handled so well my journey was more like a summer ramble to the park.  She also happens to be a pretty damn fine grocery getter and the perfect bike for those few times I actually use her for her intended purpose but I have a cycling date in Seattle so she will carry me to the ferry the bus and the train, with each new destination I will take the requisite 10 seconds to fold her and carry her right on without a word from anyone and no Exra fee but what else would you expect from the worlds best folding bike.  If you think there is a better folder out there I have only two words for you; wanna race?!

Never quit, EVER because if you quit on Thursday, Friday will never come and Friday just may have been the day you made it.

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