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Working the lee side of Sookie, trying to tuck a poor mans reef as she at this point she had no hardwear, my feet awash holding on for dear life and then powee, the main Halliard slipped from my grip and was dangling 10 feet to leward. I turned down wind, dropped the main all together which sucked because I didn’t have a topping lift yet either and ran down the bay topping 6.8 knots with only my 88sq’ staysail flying. I don’t know how I ever lived with a boat without lifelines but since adding new stanchions to Sookie she has magically transformed.

Sailing around the world

I still haven’t added my boom gallows which will require adding a longer boom and new main sail but it’s topping my list.  Sookies lifelines only cover half her cockpit angling down to the deck, when Sookie starts going into her death rolls you literally feel like you are going to be hurtled into the sea. I’m still missing all sorts of bits but each year more and more seem to find a home making the boat safer and easier to sail.

Sailing around the world

At this point I can reef her main in under a minute on any point of sail, my smallest sail configuration a tiny 38sq’ up to over 500sq’ for those delightful summer afternoons chasing the sunset complete with a sundowner in hand. When  I add a roller furler her new lapper will be cut at 100% my experience is that anything larger is just too much. A reefable staysail and maybe a tri, for all my love of the tri sail on a boat as small as Sookie a could just add a third reef and save 2800 bucks not including the new track and bag but I have to say, when I have a tri on the boat I use it a hell of a lot more often than you might think.

Sailing around the world

Whew, this blog post is costing over 20k, thank god Im on such a small boat as the pain could be quite a bit more.  My parts box is almost full but the weather for drilling and sealing holes in the deck had gone byeby for at least a few months.  If I had a trailer I’d ship her to So Cal to finish the work, then bring her home in time for spring, ahh it’s good to dream…

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