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I should never be left to my own devices, I’m seriously starting to freak myself out.  Given my choice I’ll take travel and exploration from the deck of Sookie over any other option.  Yes she’s my first choice but I always have a plan B so I’m not stuck come spring with nothing to do.  I’m not exactly holding my breath for the stars to align by spring so I’m guessing anything other than day sailing is out for the year and that’s what got my goat.

Alaska ferry

I’ve wanted to cycle the Alcan since first hearing about it many years ago.  A little bit of map flipping found a town called Deadhorse, the name alone scares the shit out of me.  It’s the beginning of the roughly 500 mile  Dalton Hwy ending at Fairbanks without a single resupply in between, from there it’s a few thousand miles back to Lopez and I’m all in.

As far as I can tell I only have to deal with polar bears for the first hundred or so miles, then it’s the usual brown bears, black bears, wolves, bison… honestly the mosquitoes are probably going to the second hardest part of the trip other than the actual cycling and the 15 day supply of food I will need to carry.  Just in case you’ve never ridden your bike five hundred miles, well I can tell you it’s not really that far, unless you are on a road from hell in which case it may as well be a million miles.

Unlike sailing where I’m always looking for a hand, on the bike i really don’t mind cycling alone and won’t even waste my breath trying to find a ride partner should I undertake this journey.  You literally have to be ten steps past bat shit crazy to attempt this ride which I think is why I find it so appealing.  I think Brompty is up to the task and I hope I am cause it’s feeling pretty legit as I go through the numbers and time frames to make this ride. My knee is slowly getting better but I’ve gone from the best shape of my life to a chip eating fat ass couch potatoe and I’m not pleased about it by any measure but I’ll need that extra layer of fat when the ride starts.

Just once in my life I’d like to take the easy route, maybe a wine and cheese bike/train tour through Southern Europe or just doing a ramble down the Camino De Santiago but honestly, i can do that shit when I’m old.  Right now I’m young, fit enough and strong, but more importantly I obviously have a few more of these boneheaded trips in my almost relative comfort zone, I know that won’t always be the case so it’s now or never.

Having about 2500 mikes logged on my Brompton, I know exactly what she will and won’t tolerate and while she may not be the best choice for this ride, she is my number one choice and the bike I will be bringing.  I’ve just gone through her from top to bottom and essentially she is a new bike although I’m dangerously close to upgrading to the Ti model to save a few precious grams.

Truthfully I never know what’s around the corner and it’s so freaking exciting to see what could possible happen next. I guess that’s one of the true benefits of being absolutely free, I can do anything I want at any time…

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