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Would you add a solar panel arch and wind generator on this boat? Either would I.  One of the hardest problems I’ve had since day one on Sookie is how to turn her from a coastal cruiser to a blue water self sustained voyaging yacht without completely ruining her.  I could just buy an ugly boat if I wanted to look and live like the Beverly Hillbilly’s, don’t think I hasn’t crossed my mind.

Sailing around the world

So far this damn blog is one of the biggest problems.  How do I keep my cameras and video and computers charged and still have enough left in the battery bank for running lights, cabin lights and blah, blah, blah.  On day one I removed the refrigerator and vhf as well as the pressure water faucet which was odd as the boat didn’t and still doesn’t have a water tank. The oven didn’t cook right so that went too, now I have all these gaping holes to fill but with what?

L.E.D. Doesn’t work for my eyes, I like the warm soft Amber glow of my incandescent lights, candles and lanterns but so far when I’m away from the dock I’ve only allowed one hour per day which gets me about 30 days before my batteries are broke. A good friend who obviously knows a hell of a lot more about ecectricity than me swears I need a 100 wats of solar and while I’ve been duped as to how and where to put it, I now think I know which means I can finally start thinking about adding that solar charger a very generous reader sent me almost a year ago.

Im dangerously close to screwing myself with an alcohol stove but I just can’t afford a propane install, which really sucks because chocolate chip cookies go a long way when you are hove to and scared of the mighty things that go bump in the night.

I’ve suffered a huge tragidy in that my wonderful portable SW radio another gift has finally bitten the bullet after 5 years of constant use.  I’ve relplaced it with a larger radio that also has a really good Ham reciever and all sorts of other fun stuff that I’m too stupid or lazy to figure out, maybe it’s both. According to my techno geek friend it will pull weather fax to my I pad which is a super fun bonus, it runs off of 4 AA rechargeable batteries and may be able to adapt to my little cigarette lighter thing.  My tiny emergency GPS which gets used constantly now that I’ve figured how to turn it on also runs on AA  and so I don’t need to have a huge ugly display in my house.  I did at some point get a hand held but it’s always off except for checking local weather and that can charge straight from the boat.

Bigger and bigger circles are forming as I try and figure out each and every step by order of importance and budget.  Honestly it’s starting to look like a 10k hole will develope before this boat is ready at its very most basic level and that doesn’t include any safety gear, charts or sails.  It’s easy to see why pedaling off on my Brompton is so appealing, it’s done and ready to go and I don’t need crew to set off, I’m ready to leave today, maybe I should…btw here is a huge bonus I found today on a friends blog

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