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I wake to a pre dawn storm.   The silhouette of a fishing boat eerily lights the bay. Gulls fly on the storm high above, their mournful cry of dawn sets my mood.  Sookie dips and bows to the rain. I pull out my uke and serenade Chloe, my one dog audience.  I know she can hear me, I can feel her close by this morning.

We always loved days like today, an early walk before kibble and coffee.  She would lay next to me for hours her eyes locked on mine while I played my uke and sang  to her, music was her solace on stormy winter days.  I feel her close, always and miss her more than anything in is world.  My ukulele gently weeps for my fallen friend, for lost love and for one more wild romp through the woods.

A salty tear slowly rolls down my cheek , it’s better to have loved and lost than tomnever have loved at all.  I pick up my uke “this ones for you Chloe”, inbetween love…

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