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We can always return to the places we love the most but we can never go back, never… time marches on.  When it comes to sailors lore and superstition their is one that haunts me the most, when it’s not gratifying me that is, Women.
Women were bad luck on board because they distracted the crew, which would anger the sea, causing treacherous conditions as revenge. However, conveniently for the male crew, naked girls calmed the sea, which is why so many figureheads were virgins with bare breasts…

Sailing around the world

Far and by to be cursed by the love and will of a good woman shall be yar savior and doom say thee who have fallen to such sullen good fortune.  I receive another cryptic letter from the one I love, we have never met.  Years have gone by, letters fill my lockers but still my berth is empty, I wait and I wonder and time moves on. One by one all the same but each one very different. I cast each and every letter to sea… I have always been superstious, far beyond the normal.  Spend half of your life under the stars and the other half floating at the mercy of Neptune and you’ll start to understand.

Aeolus challenged my landsmans virtue nearly drowning my soul while my bare feet still dug into the sandy shore and so I decided to challenge my superstitions.  Lightning cracked the sky wide open, hurricane force winds battered my naked body as I stood there as strong as I could, hands raised to the sky waiting for nature to call me, the night challenged me but dawn came and so did I. It took days to recover from the storm and rebuild my little habitat but I did. A new dawn called early, red and erie against a blackening sky.  A hammerhead swirled around near my feet at the waters edge chasing breakfast at first light, I watched it curiously as I ate my coconut.

I pulled my sarong  from my waist wrapping it around my neck like a super heros cape and dove into the tropical sea. Never swim at dawn, never swim in murky water, never swim after a storm… the sharks will get you.  I swam out past the reef rolled onto my back forming a cross with arms stretched out my body arched slightly and drifted miles down the beach in the strong currents waiting for… the lightening didn’t get me, the storm didn’t get me, the tigers didn’t get me.

Sitting in the early morning sun, salt drying my sun kissed naked body, eating a papaya I poached and I wondered if maybe it was my superstions that had gotten the best and the most of me. Sure women on a boat are bad luck but bare breasted virgins calm the sea…

From the log of Sookie… I squirmed awkwardly as I tried to make make a good first impression with her mother but it was soon appearant that I marched to the rhythms of a drummer  she had never met.  

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