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Another storm is working it’s way through tonight, yawn. It’s been a month now since returning from my ride, I still haven’t finished unpacking or settling on the boat.  This was my weekend, I picked up a bag of rice, a head of cabbage, a pound of cheese and a gallon of wine, the plan was to lock myself in the boat and play pirate for a few days hopefully emerging with a clean and tidy boat all snuggled up and ready to greet the coming of winter.

Sailboat galley

I’m beginning to think I have way too many toys on the boat, or maybe I’m just way too easily side tracked. The whole reason I sailed to these islands a few years back was to find land, a better quality of life and finish Sookies refit making her a true blue water machine.  Life was on track and going well but then something happened, I fell head over heels in love with the quiet simple life I have here.  I still have blue water dreams but recently they seem have been pushed further and further down the the list.  Land ownership, or should I say being owned by the land has also had a hiccup.  It feels like going backwards I’m debt free and don’t have any anchors, buying land could fuck that all up although if you have to have and anchor land is a pretty good one.  It’s dirt cheap right now and getting cheaper everyday but that has been pushed to the bottom of the list raising sailing back up a rung.

Ive been playing spin the bottle with an extended bike tour or continuing on with Sookie, either way the bottle spins I get to kiss the pretty girl.  As much as I have a total and complete disdain for solo sailing I have an opportunity to get some help with Sookie in Southern California so that’s where all eyes are right now.  Ive got a guy helping me, ok who are we kidding, he is going to build me a one off vane which I will need to move the boat.  I still can’t see well enough to navigate and then there is the need to sleep thing but first I need the vane and new P&Gs which will make for a very fun and expensive spring.

The wind is nuking from the south, a long hot shower washed the dreads out of my hair and warm clean sheets have me tucked in with my sketch book working on a my budget, adding things to my list, crossing things off my list and being thankful for the box of wine that couldn’t possibly taste this great without the cold to hide from and the two candles heating my little home and I have just enough charge left on my iPad to finish this post and watch the new episode of sailing La Vagabond, I love those guys.

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