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My fingers are worn to the bone, a sweet mix of reggae with Hawaiian turnarounds and a bit of 70’s stones lead solos ring from Sookies walls, her acoustics are Devine.  Winter is slow to arrive here in the PNW but with the loss of daylight I’ve gone into a winter uke trance.

Opio concert

im still learning the mystery, paint it black is my lastest challenge and I’ve been blindly walking my fingers up and down the fret board searching for the right sounds for the uke  riffs I plan to use for my latest attempt at video.  Living in Sookie is much like living in a finely crafted ukulele, white oak, rich teak and curly butternut form my uke studio, Sookies cabin is a creatives dream come true.


Granted I lack all uke playing abilities and can’t sing, I also suck at video but it hasn’t  stopped me from my pursuits.  My Opio by KoAloha sings and carries me through the short days and long nights, I resist my part time job wanting nothing more than to pluck my strings, sketch another story board and create a bit of magic.

Acacia uke

im still scheming to land in Hawaii by January to escape the cold but I’m going to need a new playlist before I arrive from my tiny island to the islands of aloha.  My body is craving the tropical sun, slow balmy days and hours of nothing to do but play my song…

4th fret

From the log of Sookie, Maui 2016, I’m hungry and still haven’t found a place to sleep tonight but the weather is perfect, big puffy clouds, the trade winds and the occasional rainbow.  I’ve found a bit of shade for my cancert in the park, I hope it earns me a can of spam.

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