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Your true wealth is your time and freedom, money is just a tool for trading your time, a container filled with the simple exchange of the best years of your life.  Whenever someone asks me where I’m headed,  I say to sea.  They ask again no,  but where are you headed, again I tell them to sea, they never get it.  I love to sail, not to get somewhere but that’s nice to, I love to sail.

Sailing around the world

It’s impossible to explain to a non sailor what it’s actually like to dance with the sea.  It’s the sea that teaches me by reminding me that I have much to learn and once I’ve learned it, the sea reminds me that I know very little and have more to learn which again the sea will teach me, you never stop learning.  Sailing may be the only experience in life where every time is just like your first time, the better we get the more we have to learn and experience. Wise as we old salts become we can never come close to knowing it all making sailing one of the most fulfilling endeavors a human can set out opon, there is no finish line.

A constant labor of love, pull up the sails, trim them, shape them, change them.  I often hear that sailing is too much work.  Is making love too much work?  I know for me it’s like running a marathon but it’s never about the finish line.  I always feel sad for people motoring their sailboats it’s like a person who has never experienced an orgasm, they simply can’t understand what they are missing always in a hurry to be anywhere but in the present sea.

I’m tied to the dock, triple  sets of dock lines set, wedged into the corner to keep me from being flung out of my berth, it’s going to blow fifty again tonight, it’s already gusting higher than I prefer.  Alone again for the holidays is bitter sweet, I wish I had someone to share them with but thank my lucky stars I’m not spinning my wheels with the wrong person.

Its cold as hell but I have a glass of shity whiskey and opened a bottle of brilliant wine, my holliday has finally begun.  My daily battle is facing my to do list while each and every day I slip further and further behind my set departure date, miss it and another year could easily turn into ten or never. Im fully focused on the fork at the end of the road, when I arrive I will choose my path and never look back.

Im wishing each and every set of ears listing as I read you my log book a happy, fun and warm holliday.  Take a bit of time out of the rat race and do some soul searching.  Are you happy?  Are you living up to your standards?  If not, why not? You could be walking barefoot down a warm sandy beach or skiing the Apls or cycling through Central America, anything you can dream you can have.  The days we are living right now, healthy, young fit and happy, these are the days of our lives.  Right now you are at your peak, it will never get any better, you will never be any younger or more fit.  I’ve barely just started my marathon and I’m pacing myself because I don’t ever want to reach the finish line.

 “Taking a trip for six months, you get in the rhythm of it. It feels like you can go on forever doing that. Climbing Everest is the ultimate and the opposite of that. Because you get these high-powered plastic surgeons and CEOs, and you know, they pay $80,000 and have Sherpas put the ladders in place and 8,000 feet of fixed ropes and you get to the camp and you don’t even have to lay out your sleeping bag. It’s already laid out with a chocolate mint on the top. The whole purpose of planning something like Everest is to effect some sort of spiritual and physical gain and if you compromise the process, you’re an asshole when you start out and you’re an asshole when you get back.” Yvon Chouinard, the patroned saint if dirtbags 


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