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The weather wasn’t particularly nasty, just really wet, cold and blustery, white horses chased us down and endless sea, dark clouds hung just above the horizon.  The dark seas with pure white caps spilling one over the other, the cry of sea gulls dipping and diving all along the rugged shore of Texada island.  The blurry landscape turned to crystal clear as we neared the coast, the shore lined with Madrone trees led the way to another new anchorage, calm and flat as a pond.

Tiny home

The throaty vibration of 5/16″ chain rattled through the chainpipe signaling the end of yet another sucessful passage.  I hugged my crew and gave congratulations for a sucessful western crossing of the straits of Georgia.  A Luke warm beer was my well earned reward, rugged granit cliffs, a derelict wharf and not another boat in site.  This is why I sail, why I voyage and why I love small simple boats, there is a difference.

I don’t know why AOH has all of the sudden become so popular but again I’ve been asked to put my pen to paper and share the sail and again I’ve decided to keep my words and images here and for free.  I suspect it won’t always be this way but for now it is.  I’ve always been a bit reluctant to share my actual journeys under sail and the images that follow, perhaps I think I have a book in me, a way to make a few bucks and keep this site going.  Who knows why I only share snippets but for now I’m going continue to keep that part of my life very private.

I do feel ready to share a bit of the more technical side of cruising, choosing a boat and getting her ready without actually outfitting her. I prefer a simple boat and since I don’t go near the sailing forums that now insist your not safe offshore without a coast guard helicopter following you just in case and at least a 55′ boat I still havent been brainwashed.  Don’t get me wrong, Sookie is being prepared for for puddle jumping but I’ll share more about that when the time is right.

For now it feels like I’m preparing for the apocalypse with every single cent I earn going to making this boat unstoppable and fully equipped for a full year off the grid.  When your on an extreme budget as I am it’s easier and cheaper to stock the stores at home where I am currently earning a very small amount of money and have the tools and more importantly friends with better tools to help me get the job done.

The wind is coming, the barometer dropping and the rain is already lashing at my decks. writing by the warm glow of Sookies lantern I can’t imagine life any other way.  Once again I’ve fallen ass backwards into a bit of success and today I started the wheels turning for a brand new one off trim tab steering vane for Sookie and a small hard rowing dinghy.  Sookie is piled with new sailing gear, some old, some new but each and every piece, a minimalist necessity.

Tonight I will christen my newest sketch book and start drawing the small changes  that will make Sookies cockpit, clean, comfy and ready to carry me to the horizon.   Her small cabin is aglow with the smell of aromatic cedar and burning paraffin.  New purple sheets from the free store and a comfy blanket have my v berth ready for the cold winter and heat is still little more than a pipe dream but it will arrive sooner or later.

“When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us.” – Helen Keller

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