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Up two hours before dawn, the plan was a nice ride to the ferry and a bit of inter island exploration and some grocery shopping in the big city.  A cold wind and rain didn’t stop me but frost did.  My knee is getting stronger by the day and it seemed pretty silly to risk another injury so its coffee and texting with Chantelle, she’s on the east coast and the only one up at this ungodly hour, my favorite time of day.

Brompton touring

Shes invited me to tour Europe with her and I’ve invited her to tour the west coast with me, maybe we can do both, early summer in the Apls has my mouth watering but that’s quite a bit of flight time.  I’m thinking I would be better off cycling to the east coast and saving myself the drudgery of the six hour flight, then I can bop over to Switzerland and meet up with her.  I miss having a subject for my camera so maybe my next tour won’t be solo but spring is many long miles from today.

My panniers are packed for an unknown journey as I scour the internet looking for a cheap one way flight anywhere warm.  The weather guesser is calling for snow and temps just touching 0. The weather is perfect for cycling but I feel the warm trades and symphony of rustling palm fronds calling my name.  I can’t believe a whole year has slipped through my fingers, at this precise moment in time one year ago, I was hiding from a gale in a tin shed with my pet geckos, waiting for the morning sun and my first swim of the day.

I can still feel how soft the tropical air was, the freshness of the rain and the sounds of the storm gusting through the jungle canopy. I wasn’t made for stagnation.  I miss packing my house every day and starting a new search for a place to sleep, more miles down the road, more roadside conversations with the curious and the simple act of living my day unplugged and free to roam.

Ive traveled many miles in my days and in many ways.  Sailboat, motorcycle, on foot, van, on road, off road, on planes, trains and automobiles.  Of all the ways I have traveled it’s by bike that I get the best and most rewarding experience.  My life is dialed in and I’m feeling pretty free to roam but when and where is the only question. More maps, more options, more simple adventures.

From my Brompton diary, lost in Oregon. This hill sucks! There are splotches of blood on the page but for the life of me I can’t remember where it came from.  I’m slowly spreading my DNA around the world. 

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