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My plan was never to have a brand new outboard hanging off of the back of my boat but now that it’s there I would never consider anything else.  It’s surprisingly capeable of pushing Sookie around, light enough that I can pop it off easily and unbelievably efficient.  The key is moderation, it’s an auxiliary form of propulsion,  my primary form being my big beautiful sails, and I have all of the right ones in my minimalist sail plan.

Sailing around the world

This guy, a friend of a friend  recently tried to convince me that electric is the future and that I should scrap my gas engine, add a pile of new batteries and solar pannels and a wind generator and a water generator and a gas generator to pick up all that slack. It was immediately appearant that this guy had never sailed before in his life, I did my best to change the subject. I like my simple traditional sailboat and am just fine with the 4 gallons of fuel a year I burn.

Technology has its place in my world which is usually the back seat as I find candles, a lead line and good old canvas to be the right way for me.  My sailing life is about sailing, not taking all the convinces of land with me.  Of corse I do love technology in some forms.  Literally minutes after giving up on a new PC and camera gear I made a hand shake deal on a camera I had never planned on owning. I didn’t bother to do any reseach, it was higher in the line of what I had been using and wanted to use so I just accepted the price on an almost brand new camera but with a huge discount.

The camera doesn’t matter and the one I’ve been using for years was light years ahead of what I use it for.  I’m not a pixel counter and rarely taken by all the flash of digital cameras.  Auto focus is something that I need as my continually failing eye sight has me shooting more and more Fuzzy images.  A friend recently asked me to snap a few pics of him sailing by the dock, when I handed him my card he was like there are 233 pictures.  I smiled him and assured him there would be at least one good one.

Back when I interviewed for my first big daily they were very impressed with my book and the number of times I had been published even though I wasn’t old enough to buy a beer.  They asked to see my film rolls and when I asked why he said, I can clearly see that you have a good eye and can get the shot but I want to see how many images it takes you to nail it.  Back then it was about 3-5 images per shot and one roll per assignment. Now having to take so many images to get a good clear picture is a nightmare so yea auto focus.

Of corse knowing nothing about the camera I just acquired I watched a few videos and viola Wifi :)~ I can now load my images through magic straight into my iPad and so for now I don’t need to upgrade to the Mac that will eventually be my video editing machine. Life just got a bit easier, one less headache in my life and that image above… it was taken handheld in a damn near pitch dark boat, oh joy of joys I love the low light capability of this hunk of metal.  I’ve decided to sell everything in my bag and my bag and try a year with just my 35 1.8. I did this for a year as a photojournalist and it was a game changer but somehow over the years I’ve continually complicated my life to no end.

So is gasoline really the new green?  In my life it is, that motor will last forever as long as I use it for it’s intended purpose and that is the whole point of this post… moderation… when used preoperly gasoline is one hundred times greener than solar and wind power. From a manufacturing stand point solar, wind and electric power is amazingly destructive to the planet as is the disposal of all those batteries.  Gas is good, Umkay…

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