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Can you imagine coming home and finding your house missing?  This has never happened to me but I have woken up in an entirely different place than where I was when I went to sleep.  Ever since taking 350 lbs out of Sookies bow by removing  serveral hundred feet of chain and her windlass she has pointed and sailed like dream. Now I’m only carrying 30′ of chain with 300′ of line which has been perfect for this area but what about the South Pacific.

Sailing around the world

I have friends who only carried 60′ and have read about people who have used even less but I like to sleep at night and am trying to come up with the magic number.  If I wanted to I could drill out the bulkhead from my anchor locker and store 300′ of chain down low, just forward of my main bulkhead but could I pull it up.  Ive pulled Sookies current rig weighing in at 55lbs from 100′ and it damn near killed me.  I won’t be putting Sookies windlass back on so what ever I end up with it will be hand pulled.  I know that there are many other ways to get it up but I’m impatient and just throw my back at it, a chain stopper would certainly help.

Sailing around the world

At 25lbs my rocna is beyond overkill, I have a friend who has survived two hurricanes on his 14,000 lb boat with a delta 22 lb as his primary and a few danforths for when it gets snotty, he’s been cruising more or less full time for over 30 years so I have to imagine he knows what he’s doing.  I’m still searching for my seconary bower and will more than likely get. Fortress 13, my current stern is poor mans version fortress makes and at 7 lbs it has amazing holding power, i don’t now and have never used chain on my stern, this set up has served me well 100% of the time and since adding rocna my only fear is having a boat drag down on me because my rocna has never dragged an inch.

Sailing around the world

Again Sookies smallness comes into play and yet another strike against choosing a small sailboat for longer voyages. I chose her because she is so unbelievably fun to sail and so while she can carry a mammoth load, I try very hard to keep her ends as light as I can, her new roller furling lapper isn’t going to help with the weight foreword or aloft but I’m committed to it 100%. A roller staysail would be a dream come true but that’s just crazy talk, right? Time for more whiskey and a bit more contemplation and…

“The sky never falls with the rain.
It is never weighed down by all that
it carries. It takes all of its anchors
and turns them into stars.
Learn from this.”
― D. Antoinette Foy

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