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Quality, durability, epic design, and fun.  Take a peek though my compainionway and the first thing you will notice is that these are the qualities I surround my life with.  I didn’t get here by accident, I’ve driven boats, bikes, cameras, computers and all of my gear into the ground.  There isn’t one gear company on the planet that will let me torture test their products because they know there is a 99% chance it will fail me and I’ll write the truth about it. I use my shit hard.


The things that can survive me, my Nikon’s, Mac’s , Sookie, Brompty, these are the things that I have pushed far and hard, always expecting them to care for me no matter what foolish hell I take them through.  I’ve had a pile of Nikons blown up in a methane explosion when I was on a moving live lava flow. Dropped, splashed and smashed my Mac’s as well as subjecting them to high humidity and freezing temperature.  Sookie has been put mast head in the water as well as literally submarining through a huge wave in the straights of Juan de Fuca. Brompty has been covered with so much mud you couldn’t tell what she was, hit potholes at 40 mph while fully loaded, been off road, through knee deep rivers and ridden harder than she deserves.  All of my gear always shows as new eventually as I care for each item as if my life depends on them and they often do. As a documentary photographer my life is a hard one but one well worth living even though I put my physical body through these same tortures.

Brompton folding bikeI got  letter from a girl in Australia today inquiring about my Brompton and a Essay I was recently asked to write.   I’ve been so busy I forgot to mention it here but the letters are pouring in and I’m loving it.  I little back and forth I got the idea she was trying to get me to talk her out the hair brained idea, I didn’t.  I gave her my 100% support and even offered to join her if she needs a little extra crazy in her life.  I’ve been seriously considering upgrading to a Titanuim Brompton and this would be the ticket.

Brompton folding bike

So there I was lost on some lonely stretch of road in Oregon, feeling like the last human on the planet earth when Brompton stumbled across my blog and now I’ve been found by a group of fun loving criminals seeking to steal every second of their time for a bit of plain old living the dream.  I’ve never been one to tell others what to do but I might suggest that a nice long bike tour will be one of those things you talk about for the rest of your life, it’s a game changer for sure.

Sailing around the world

Those days out under the sun and often trapped in a deluge of rain were some of my happiest on this planet. My mind was blown by the constant beauty of my surroundings, how often I was faced with challenges and how strong my body became in such a short period of time.  Touring on a Brompton? It isn’t for everyone but as far as I’m concerned for me it’s the only way to fly.

From the Brompty journal.  My tent had three inches of water in it at the peak of the storm.  In my sleep my head slipped off of the little inflatable pillow I was using and I almost drowned, I’ve never seen it rain so hard in my life, the island is sinking. A comment from a rockstar I met in camp searching for his next sound. ” boy you sure were taking it all in last night, it must have been blowing 50 and that rain, we saw you standing naked, hands raised to the heavens, a vision neither of us will forget for a very long time”.  I’ve survived yet another challenge but maybe survive isn’t the best use of wording for what I’m doing out here.

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