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Desolation Sound, June 2015 – it isn’t what you’ve done in this world that matters most, sure memories are there, but often blur with time.  They are valid and have meaning but they have gone.  The future holds nothing for it can change in an instant, a life of planning for some other date can be derailed in a millisecond. Right now, this is it, the gift you have created with your past, leading to your future.  It’s now or never.

Sailing around the world

It’s  really creepy out, I hear the moan of a Sasquatch calling, and then an answer. The sunset was blood red and beautiful but now the darkness is taking over, I’m a bit scared and secure the lifeline as one added protection against things I don’t understand.  I hear splashes that sound like they are being made by something the size of cars being thrown in the water, the moans go back and forth, I try to convince myself it’s just grizzly bears but the chill in my spine tells me that Sasquatch is real and really close.

Its hot, too hot and muggy, mosquitos are eating me alive but I can’t take refuge in Sookies interior, I’m fixated on what lies out there, the sounds are haunting and growing closer, louder, more frequent. I’ve traveled many hard miles to be here and here I am. It’s easy not believe in things you have never experienced but I’m here, now and experiencing them, I’m a believer.  I swat at another dive bombing mosquito and watch the twilight fade as the stars appear one by one.

We should have turned around when the motor started to go south minutes into the journey, we didn’t. They told us our boat was too small, it wasn’t. They told us “you can’t sail the inside passage” we did. They told us we wouldn’t find any secluded anchorages, a picture is worth a thousand words. I sat back enjoying the sounds of night, knocked on the hatch asking for a beer which was quickly handed out before the monsters could invade the safety of Sookies cabin. I cracked it and enjoyed living in the now, a place very few will ever know due to all the limits set by those who never been there, who haven’t experienced sailing from the deck of a good ship with a confident and adventures crew, the greater the challenge the bigger the reward. My Luke warm beer in a completely isolated anchorage was one of the best I’ve ever had. Serenity now…

From the log of Sookie, December 2016. Another brilliant day, found a new secret spot with Brompty, installed the new toilet paper hanger, can cross that one off the list after only 68 months, she is coming along but time is a rare commodity, March is looming…

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