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My ukulele skills don’t warrant the quality of the instrument I play but the smile it gives me dwarf this little hunk of wood like an ant standing next to an elephant.  A good friend keeps pushing, tying to crawl inside my head and figure out what I want from this life.  When I tell her I’m seeking nothing it draws a blank.

People, not things has always been my motto, even before I had heard the words spoken out loud.  I have very few possessions in this world but the things I do have are quite meaningful to me, I take good care of them and use them constantly.  When I wrote the ukulele site in Hawaii my letter laid out my simple request, budget, purpose and the sound I was looking for. Not only did they write back but sent me a very detailed letter teaching me that buying the uke was just one of many steps. They went through all of their ukes to find the one that suited me best and had it professionally set up and shipped it two day air at no additional charge.

Ive never advertised on this blog but I love sharing and do it often.  I’ve gotten so many emails about my little uke I wanted to share this video and the process that every uke from their shop goes through before it goes out the door and yes this is a free service.

It’s no secret that I demand quality, I’d rather have nothing if I can’t have a good investment in my happieness.  Finding good quality products is getting more and more difficult in this world but for me what’s even more important is the quality and integrity of the company that provides the service.  Should any product or project reach the pages of this blog it’s not by accident and it has come with no shortage of research. I only write about what I love, things that make me smile and experiences that enrich my life.

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