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I wake before the dawn with a squeak, stretch my body as far as I can and let out a mighty roar.  The sun isn’t up yet and that’s how I like it.  I shine my light across Sookies cabin on Brompty “wake up you lazy so and so good for nothing Hog Wallup”, we’re going for a ride.  The coffee pot steams, my stereo is blaring and I’m muppeting out in the saloon, I’m a total spas in the mornings.

I don’t know what was going through my mind when I packed for my last cycle tour but I didn’t even start to prepare until about an hour before I was ready to leave, that didn’t work out so well.  Having nothing to do but turn the pedals and think for hours a day I had lots of time for hindsight and you know what they say about that.

The big hit offenders where my ukulele, full size DSLR and iPad not to mention bringing way too much food but I couldn’t leave it on the boat so it came with me.  Things that irked me along the way were my uber expensive ti pot which I didn’t really need and did fine without on my Hawaii bike tour.  My steel water bottle weighs 8 ounces empty but always seemed to keep my water cool and was easily accessed but still, if nothing else it weighed my mind down.  It was new before my first tour, now dented and mangled it’s still a good friend.  My stove really pissed me off, advertised as uber light and it was but I needed a wind screen, more money and more weight and I can’t for sure say if it saved me any fuel or not…

My ti cup now 11 years and a hundred thousand miles old has always been a gold mine.  The cream of the pie was my new Western Mountianeering Caribou, at one pound five ounces it packs small and is always warm and fluffy.  Without it I literally would have died this week.  Rather than hyper focus on light weight I just left everything behind.  I’m sneaking in a short tour soon and my new load will be flawless, I know everything I need and everything I don’t.  New mangings as I trashed my last pair and a new bright yellow hoodie Patagonia R1 is all I will need to add clothing wise and an iPhone 5 will more than likely replace all my other electronic gear making photography much easier and more spontaneous.

The Brompton T Bag is freaking genius as is the relevate Pika seat bag. I’d really like to upgrade to a titanium Bromoton and the new bike won’t have a rack, this will save about 4 pounds plus the 9 pounds of other things that will be left home. My goal as always is to pack light, bring only what I need and to get lost and stay lost. I don’t have as much time as I’d like but I need to ride before my big trip starts. Life is short, live it.

From the Brompty journal, Lost.  I don’t know exactly where I am but this camp site is the creepiest to date, I’m too scared to stay here but it looks like 28 miles to the next possibility of a camp ground.  Time for a ciggi and a bit of local knowledge.  Ok, it’s not that I’m lost, I just don’t know for sure where I am.

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