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Chaos has an order which is completely misunderstood by those who could never understand it. I’m shell shocked, near or maybe at and possibly past my breaking point. Months of high winds have taken thier toll, I’m done. I’m one of the few inhabitants of these islands that arrivided under their own keel but it almost never happened, it was never meant to happen other than through a random act of chaos.

I had been living in my car filming a documentary, the notion to drive to Alaska and build a log cabin seemed like a fun way to spend a bit of my freedom and so the car turned north and a new chapter was born.  Slowly driving up the coast the trip was far different, less beautiful or interesting than when I was on my Brompton heading south from Canada or on my Fixie heading south from SF.  Not the same but still an amazing migration north. The journey brought me to Port Townsend, a place I had never heard of. Instantly I was in love, I was so excited pulling into the boat yard I actually jumped out of a moving car when I spied John Guzzwells Endangered Species.

What was meant to be a very brief stop later in Bellingham ended with me accidentally buying a sailboat.  I filmed the entire restoration and was rapidly becoming one of the original YouTube sailing channels.  That boat was eventually sold and Sookie fell into my hands.  We’ve been very slowly drifting about ever since.  The spontaneous life can be a hard one but the rewards are infinite.  I always have an idea of where I want to be and where I want to go but the reality is that I’ve thrown my entire life into the hands of the universe.  Who knows what will happen next, I certainly don’t.  What ever it is one thing for sure is that it will lead to an extrorianary experience, at least in the tiny scale of my simple life.

Chatting with a sailing friend from half way around the world be both agree that leaving is the hardest part.  Closing one chapter to open the next, too many people spin thier wheels tidying up loose lines when they need to just cut them.  Eventually the storms will pass, the calms will fill in and if your very lucky you will start to appreciate the chaos you have created, not only in your life but in all of those who know you and who will never, who can never uunderstand this order…

From the log of Roo, living on the Res… This is getting out of hand.  I was just chased down by a couple in a car who recognized me from YouTube.   Ok they actually recognized Chloe who was hanging her head out the window but still.  

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