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Hard to kill, that’s how I would describe my Domke.  By the time I retired my first one it was torn and tattered, covered in blood, both mine and others and had the requisite of a true photojournalist, one bullet hole through the pocket.  It had traveled extensively through third world country’s and told I story I still haven’t writtten about.  Ok I actually wrote an 80,000 word book with dozens of images but I’ll never publish it.

There have been many more since my first.  One was stolen with all my gear, another blown up in a methane explosion and the second to the last one lived to be retired.   All of them have been the F-3x and all have served me well.  I don’t actually carry a camera bag as I prefer the freedom of a single lens but I need something to protect and store my growing pile of gear.  Two body’s, three lenses and there will be pleanty of room for a few go pros that I have yet to push the button on but I’m close.

Ill always be a stills guy preferring that precise moment in time but I’m dead serious about making my 12 minute shorts, 12 a year to be precise.  I’m scattered in every direction building a mobile film studio, trying to figure out what my next computer will be, rebuilding and stocking  Sookie.  Every penny is accounted for and they are flowing like water these days, it’s so fun to finally get to spend a little money on the important things.

I may or may not have that old wind vane that has been handed and unhanded to be a dozen times over the last few years and if I don’t, I’ll build a new one.  I put my order in to the foundary for new pintles and gudgeons, that project will top 6k the way things are looking and I’m still hell bent on double roller furlers for my headsails.  I’m constantly on the hunt for as many side jobs as I can find and using every second of my free time to get the most important things done before spring arrives, it’s literally only days away.  Each evening the sun sets a bit later and I’m hoping to have Sookie put back together and sailing by February.

From the log of Sookie, frozen… I don’t do all of this to make money, I make money so I can do all of this.

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