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Sookies deck is covered with blood as are my now mangled hands which can only mean one thing, I’m actually working on the boat.  No work today, I was given a reprieve, it’s actually warm, there is no wind, no rain and I have a few bucks in my pocket, it’s like the perfect storm of yacht maintence.  It’s rare that all of elements align for me but today is that day and I’ve been going at it since dawn.

Exactly two years ago I was doing exactly what I’m doing today, working on the damn boat.  Back then I had a greenhorn and a secret plan.  The boat was scheduled to leave the dock by May to dink around the islands, the secret plan was to sail to Alaska in a trial by fire all inclusive sailing school for the greenhorn, then to abscond with her and sail the boat to the South Pacific via Mexico.  Ahh the finest laid plans of mice and men… I figure I’d be in the South Pacific by now working some shit job to restock the kitty.

Turns out that plan was for shit and I realized it within a few short days, life goes on and about a year later having done very little in the way of upgrades to Sookie I did have another plan.  Along with that plan I had my man drawer filled with fasteners that had literally taken me years to aquire from all over the world.  Special sizes and shapes and…  I knew I would get around to them soon enough and actually had finally aquaired ever single piece I needed to finish all the petty BS projects that never seem to end on a sailboat.  Summer was rapidly approaching, I had a pocket full of money and was ready to rumble.  I came back to the boat one night to find my then girl friend had undone 4 years of my sea proofing of Sookie, completely rearranging everything in to the form of a house, not a boat.

She was so excited to show me how she had made the boat perfect.  I smiled gave her a hug and tried to sensitively explain why everything had to go back the way it was, this conversation didn’t go over well.  The next day when I dug into my man drawer I was horrified.  Turns out she had thrown away everything on the boat she didn’t understand which was, well… everything.  Another year has passed, I’ve more or less lost the desire to go through all the shopping and measuring and… so Sookie sits and waits, I sit and wait, but time marches on.

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