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I don’t know why my parents gave me the freedom that they did, maybe it was just a sign the times.  At 8 years old running around Paradise Island in my little blue mankini with nothing but my third hand flippers, mask and snorkel I made a vow that this was the one and only life I wanted. Decades have passed under my keel and I’m still living every day just like those balmy days in the Bahamas.

My moods are still controlled by the smell and feel of the trades, the sound of palms rustling and clear blue water that is always a shock when you dive in by how warm it is.  Sugar whilte sand sticking to my bum and toes, dry salty water evaporating on my sun kissed skin is still the most natural existence for me as is exploring the unknown. I hate back tracking and can’t see the logic in having a favorite place when there are so many more to explore. Searching the pages of AOH I found this post and while I don’t remember writing it, every word stands true.


If your a lover of small sailboats, simple living and making the dream your reality you really need to stop by Sailing Ontology, he doesn’t post nearly as often as I’d like but when he does, every data bite hits the mark.  Stop dreaming, buy that boat and start the next chapter. Yes at times you will be too hot and others too cold. You will find countless days of perfect sailing, a fair bit of boredom and moments of sheer terror. Your body will become strong and your mind free.

From the log of Sookie, winter. Battening down the hatches for round 35 of winter storms and sub Arctic temps. I hung my mankini on a lamp to remind me why I do all of this, summers coming. 

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