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Years ago I moved from the South Pacific to Madison Wisconsin and with my arrival came the longest stretch of below zero temps in the history of the state, I think it was over 30 days. When you live on the water it’s a different type of cold. 25 degrees here is always colder than below zero in the dry Midwest. Sure, it’s not the snot freezing type of cold where your hair crunches up if you washed it that day and your eyeballs start to form icicles. Here it’s a bit more like being slowly beat to death.

I have unsubstantiated reports of the wind topping 70 last night. Sookie isn’t in a marina, there is no breakwater, she is fully exposed the the fury of Mother Nature out here in the islands. The cruising boat takes a beating out here but Sookie took the storm in stride. I tied 12 half inch lines keeping her as safe as I could and can only pray that this is it for our winter storms but history tells me that the worst is yet to come.

It’s all part of being a liveaboard sailor in these parts of the world and for as many times as I’ve made this statement, mark my words, this will be my last winter aboard in this part of the world… which begs to ask what is next, it’s a solid 10k to ship Sookie to Florida and while they may have hurricanes in that part of the world at least it’s warm there. I have no interest in cruising Mexico again, for all of it’s amazing beauty I’ve been there and done that. Florida keeps coming out of my mouth so now the question of how to get there. Shipping a boats sucks and it’s incredibly hard on them but nothing like what Sookie was put through last night.

I can see smoke coming from my fireplace across the bay so at least today will be spent warm and toasty, after a nice bacon and eggs breakfast and much coffee that is. As usual the weather guessers are calling for 10-16 right now and we’re still getting hammered, this place is an enigma, a vortex of unknown powers, we seem to get the harshest weather of all of the islands. Paradise comes at a cost but I haven’t forgotten what summer is like in this part of the world.

From the log of Sookie, Never again…

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