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But I’m dancing in the rain.  Sookie is as clean as she’s ever been, I’ve pulled her winter tarp and now I can enter and exit without getting down in my belly and slithering in and out.  Her acoustics are amazing, I’ve got my favorite play list booming on her new wifi speaker, a hot cup of black coffee and a pile of unfinished writing and editing to do.  Her tiny cabin smells of sandle wood and teak, a steady stream of smoke rises from an incense stick hand delivered to me from India.

My camera bag is packed, I’m down to my two favorite body’s and lenses but half my kit is on the chopping block.  From now on it’s just one body and my 50mm, life is getting simpler by the day.  I understand how all working pros need piles of gear, backup body’s, extra film and mega backups.  My life is far to simple for that.  I don’t work on assignment ever.  If my brick packs it up I’ll pull out a pencil and piece of paper and draw my world, photography is one of the largest parts of my life but it’s a passion, not my day job.  I love snap shots, it’s what I specialize in.  My images are so plain and natural and mundane that they alsmost feel real, that’s my style, controlled monotony, like my life.

My company is shutting down for a while, it’s hard to survive the island winters, not just for us frail humans.  Most businesses on these islands only turn a profit 75 days a year.  If you don’t love this life you better get out because it will eat you alive.  There is a journey in the making, my day pack, one camera and my iPad.  This journey has no start point, no destination and no pre conceived end.  Nothing more than a simple journey for my inner creative to explore a very tiny spec of this planet, my mind and a chance to have a long slow chat with my future.

I can’t help but to wonder what a much younger me would think of how we’ve  progressed in this life. Would she approve of where I’ve  gone or be disappointed at how slow my life is.  I’m exactly where I started.  Way back then I had little more than the contents of my small sailboat, camera bag and as always on old uke in tow.  Now much older and a bit wiser I look back and admire my young determined mind , how someone so young and nieve could know exactly what they want out of this world and why. My one dimensional life has proven how truly wise she was.

Good music, laugher, the love of a good woman when the timing is right and my arts.  My camera and ukulele have shaped my life.  I’ve never progressed beyond those first days of simple chords and simple camera settings but they fit my simple life.  I’ve spent the better portion of this journey watching my dreams manifest before my eyes.  Maybe it’s finally my time to sit back and do a little bit of settling down, to enjoy the simple fruits of my labor.

From the log of Sookie, dancing in the rain.  Maybe I’ve always known this or maybe I’m just figuring out how I made my way here now. One thing I know for sure is that my success has always been controlled luck. I find that the smarter I work, the luckier I get.

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