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They slowly sailed by bailing about half a gallon a minute, sometimes you just have to get out and sail, the boat will never be finished.  Last night tucked in two sleeping bags, all my blankets and still cold I pulled out my backup heater, it’s not safe but desperation got the best of me, it was cold as hell and my main heater is shorting out, guess that one isn’t very safe either.

Snow is blowing sideways, the island is a complete white out but soon it will get up to 50 degrees, I pray that this is the last of it and again I’m shopping a wood stove that will do justice to Sookies warm cozy interior.  It has to be artful and traditional as well as functional, Sookie only gets the best.  So another day of freezing my ass of while I contemplate and dream of the warm days of summer.

Life is easy and smooth these days, I have nothing to worry about, not a want in the world, Sookie is loaded down on her lines with good drink, good food, her boom is almost done. I’ve somehow found success in doing nothing more than staying true to my heart and following my dreams.  Her lifelines will be finished this year, finally.  Lee cloths, a collapsible simple spray dodger and a sunshade will have her salty and comfy.

After so many years Packed away I dug out my bible for success, it has taken me a lifetime to write and dates all the way back to my paper route.  While most kids were still wetting their beds I was out pre dawn working and earning and saving, learning, always learning.  Yachting is an expensive buisiness and everything about Sookie is yacht-like.  She sails from port to port in her quiet dignity, every inch of her shows how much she is loved. She always has a skip in her stride knowing she is the prettiest girl at the dance.

My long slumber is over, I feel energized, re-vitalized and ready to crush it again. My next boat will be big, powerful, a true home for half the year.  A Lyle Hess 34, I’ve made my commitment and now the search has begun. Not a fixer upper, not a cleaner upper, a true turn key yacht with a hot shower, heat, and a bed fit for a lifetime of lazy Sundays.

 “Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.” —Jim Rohn

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