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The old tune shave and a haircut, 2 bits is ringing through my head as I walk into the local barber shop…  Funny how the tables have turned, in 2001 it was me making ridicules offers on Sookie, she wasn’t for sale, the owners last words, I’ll never sell my boat were painful to listen to.  Now sixteen years later, those same words came out of my mouth.  All I can say is famous last words.

Sookies previous owner upgraded to a BCC, now sailing the South Pacific and after selling her to me admitted that he had sellers remorse.  Her builder and former owner of Sam L Morse also sent a letter to me and in finishing admitted that the Falmouth had always been his favorite boat, a fairly large statement for a guy who sailed over 40,000 miles between his two BCC’s.  Those same words also came out of the mouth of Lyle Hess, her designer. I love Sookie for far too many reasons to list here but the care and feeding I give her tells the story.

If I ever was going to sell her, now would be the time, April has always been my most expensive month of the year when it comes to boat work and annual boat bills. I also have an as is cash offer well over her surveyed value by a local couple  that has been hell bent on sailing her since a chance meeting near Toba Inlet.  Boats are funny like that, they steal our hearts and consume our lives.

It seems a bit ironic, now that winter is waning I find myself warm for the first time since October.  I returned from Friday Harbor with an empty wallet and a brand new heater, piles of supplies for my spring fitting out and my new custom quarter berth cushions will be done in a few short weeks, another 2500 big ones will find a new mattress in my v-berth.  I’ve been going all out on Sookie and there is no end in slight.  My full lifelines will be complete by the end of the month and I’ve finally committed to a roller furling unit and a new lapper by Carol Hassee in cruise cream, YUM!

I wait impatiently for news from the Port Townsend Foundary on my pointless and gudgens but I have plenty of projects on my plate to occupy my time while I continue to write checks and send them off in the post. Sookie is loaded with provisions to just two inches above her water lines which means I can only add 1100 hundred more pounds minus crew weight.  The ongoing saga is self steering which will sort itself out at some point, I hope. Boxes of marine supplies are piled everywhere and more arrive every day as I try and map out the perfect location for each new item.

The one and only question looming is will I push out and sail north or continue to work and put the money into the boat.  Soon enough I’ll flip that coin but I have an idea that my future has already been mapped.  For now it’s early to bed, early to rise and lots of priority shifting, you only live once. Sail now and be broke for winter or work now and be bankrupt of purse…

From the log of Sookie, the islands.  I have a boat full of stores, work now or play now??? Decisions decisions… My log book is filled with thousands of calculations, ship her here, there or well, anywhere at the end of summer or just sail till I’m broke and figure it out when my summer tan starts to fade.

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