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I was up early and ready for my sea to summit ride.  I packed water and a few snacks in my light day pack.  Adding a sweat shirt while sweltering in the tropical stink seemed un natural but I knew all to well that it snows in Hawaii and was unsure of what weather I would get.  As long as I kept moving my body heat would keep me safe.  Of corse every journey I’ve ever taken has thrown me for a loop and freezing rain was one of today’s many lessons learned.  I didn’t make the summit of Mt Haleakala but the ride in general was a success. My little Brompton, was straight out of the box and pure riding perfection.

A year later I had learned quite a bit about touring on these marvelous bikes.  That’s the thing about bicycle touring, you have all day to contemplate things.  I consider my stock Brompty to be the best of the best but the titanium model keeps calling to me.  With this upgrade and if I lose the rack I can drop almost 5 lbs.  nothing else will change, the six speed with 12% gear reduction is perfect for my body.  I love the fit and feel of my two 16″ wheels and love the people I meet on my “clown bike” as it’s often referred to.

My tent order has failed twice and I’m beginning to think this is the universes was of telling me to cowboy camp, with a small emergency tarp and ground cloth. My end game is fully self supported touring with just my Brompton T bag but for now the Relevate Designs Pika will be joining me.  It’s absolute perfection on the trail but in transitioning from bike to public transportation it’s one too many things to carry.

Today I’m taking a break from Sookie to give Brompty a little loving and lashing care, after a bombing ride that is.  I have to mentally prepare for tomorrow, were drilling 8 holes in Sookies deck, the $10,000.00 piece of string continues.

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