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Who are we kidding, I couldn’t stop now if I wanted to, the gauntlet has been set.  We don’t choose our boats, they choose us, Sookie certainly choose me. Despite the thousands of unloved boats littering the planet there are still a crazy few who love their boats and who are loved by their boats. Let’s face it, it shows. How we care for our boats is a reflection of how we respect and care for all things that matter in life.  Like the love of a good woman a well loved boat will keep you safe, she will shelter you and carry you through the storms and the tests that life throws your way, commitment is something few in this world will ever learn or know the power of.

I just ended another 14 hour day in the bar, by 7:00AM I told my company was quitting, at 10:00AM didn’t have a chance to say goodbye to a stranger who feels more like a friend, and at 5:20 I felt the pangs of loosing what I never had. I clocked out at 10:00PM bought a friend a beer and another friend bought me one. But those are just bullet points. I stared into her eyes welled up with tears, I know her pain all to well but I couldn’t say a word, I just listened helplessly . She mentioned wanting to sail away to Baja, I bit my lip. I’m 600 years older than her, have nothing to offer but a piece of pocket link, a half finished boat and a button. Her heart has been shattered to pieces I don’t know how to pick them up and help her piece them back together.

I just want go sailing with a friend, nothing but two kindred spirits exploring in small leaps and bounds,  I could have done a thousand things but I didn’t, she appeared and disappeared with the suddenness of a broken shoe lace. Fuck it life goes on, I’m headed to Port Townsend the long way, I have friends I need to sail with, to drink with and boats to inspect, boats my hands have changed, boats that are as much a part of me as they are their of thier owners.

Sookie is too small, too old, too simple and flawed in as many ways as I am which is what makes her so special to me. The hands that have contributed to her, Roger Olsen built her hull and deck, a man I’ve never met finished her out, Larry Pardey deigned and built her cranz iron, Mike Anderson designed  and built all her finer fittings. I rebuilt her mast, I literally took her apart and put her back together only better, a handful of friends and sailors have helped in the process and I’m saving the glory of drilling the last 8 holes in her deck for my big bro who has lived on her, sailed on her and contributed greatly to her moveable ballast, wine., it takes a village to raise a child and to build a proper boat.

Im alone tonight but not lonely, my life is far to complete to ever believe those feelings that occasionally try to break through. The universe has been slam-dunking good people into my life, she has always been good to me and hard on me.  I guess what I’m saying is fuck yeah, let’s go sailing…

From the log of Sookie.  Let’s get down to brass tacks, my time is worth more than your money…

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