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My sailmaker has Sookie lust, eveytime we set to work another of her finely fitted appointments catches his eye. There is no other like Sookie, she is one in a million. He’s as bad as me but somehow we get to the task at hand.  A good friend writes “I need the whole ocean to feed my dreams.”  I close my eyes and see him st the helm of his ship, he belongs there. Im content here sitting in my boat, I had the hose out by 8:00am with the I intent on doing something productive when I stumbled across my ukulele, there went half my day.

I irk people I know I do but I simply don’t care, my intent is to be content which I am more often than not.  Sookies sister is calling to me and this is what I can’t settle from the confines of my massively oversimplified mind.  Why? Why would I possibly want more than I already have.

People always try and tell me I need a Diesel engine.  For all of my displeasure with all internal combustion engines I love mine deerely.  Call it bragging rights but I love when I sail past other boats that look obviously faster than mine for them to see my outboard up and out of this water, proof that I’m sailing unassisted.  Proof that my little brick just kicked thier ass across the bay.

My neighbors at the dock are always teasing that I need a larger boat, the truth is I don’t need it, I may at times want one but need has nothing to do with it. Due to the fact that I’ve kept Sookie simple she has enough and then some.  Personal living space has yet to be an issue, for me at least, I can’t speak for the young lasses that have shared my space.

My sails are so small they almost seem a joke. Small and easy to handle yet large enough that I’ve spent hours on end watching the sheets attached to them strangle my winch wondering at what point that tiny sail will literally rip it from the deck. The wind scares me often, it’s shocking how much power can be derived from it, certainly more than the wimpy 30hp Diesel I’m contemplating adopting.

Removing Sookies bronze ABI windlass and her 200′ of chain was I think the most difficult decision, one I don’t regret, again simplicity and she sails a hell of a lot better now having removed nearly 300lbs from her bow.  Regardless of what the system is systems piss me off and that’s why you won’t find many on my boat.

My dad is a bit bent on my cruising direction and the fact that I don’t  carry a life raft or any form of distress signaling device.  It’s true I could die at sea without these things but earning the money to pay for them just may insure that I die of boredom in some damn cubical under a flickering fluorescent light.  Christopher Mc Candles wrote “I don’t like money, it’s makes people cautious” brilliant but also the opposite applies, poverty also makes one conscious, Occam’s razor.

The islands are exploding, the winter suffrage has been mentally blocked. I have  much to do but find laying around like a lazy dog to be the biggest achievement as of yet today.  A friend pulled up in his new flicka, we don’t know what for sure it is but it’s beautiful beyond compare, maybe it’s an old Norstar. It’s for sure the most distinctive flicka I’ve ever laid eyes on. He bought it for a friend who plans to sail it to the South Pacific, Occam’s razor… the signs are everywhere as is the lure, the constant battle for more at the expense of having less time to use the more.  Occam’s razor, I say it again and again and again…

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