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Or getting laid at the rate I’m going.  Sookies v-Berth is a heavenly lair lined with beautiful butternut. Her bed is more comfy than any I’ve ever slept in, the aroma of aromatic cedar always wafting from the hanging locker. Squishy pillows, fluffy blankets and a constant flow of fresh ocean air though her always cracked and giant forehatch, Sookie is a full blown aphrodisiac.  Open the hatch which measures almost 3′ square and you can watch the stars blow by or get a nakebutt tan in the privacy of this little slice of heaven.

I pulled and chucked the mattress for the new temporary one I have which is even Squishier than the last.  The survey turned up some tabbing that needs to be done in the anchor locker and the foam was a bit moldy.  Once I replace all the ceiling boards that line the hull I’ll pull the trigger on a new custom bed but for the short term a 4″ topper will do.  My mouth was watering with all of that extra storage and now my bedroom is filled to the brim with big heavy boxes all ready to go on an expedition with me.  They keep coming and I keep shoving them in that cavernous hole all the while I still can’t get Sookie down to her LWL.

I’ve been camping in her quarter berth and her new cushions are spoiling me rotten.  A laminate topped with 2″ of natural foam rubber and they pull me into the dream world within seconds.  For a 22′ boat they are huge and can sleep two with proper spooning but I much prefer the vast and delicious space of my v-berth.

Taday a package arrived that was so large and heavy I could barely lift it into the boat.  The packaging is a work of art and the size of me.  I’m afraid to open it because I’ll never get it closed again but it just may contain my new tri-sail among other things.

I’ve pushed Sookies haul out date back again. The plan is simple, put Sookie on mothballs. Fly half way around the world, sail the new boat back to WA and mothball it, sail Sookie back to warm water and viola, endless summer, I get to always have a boat here and another roaming the planet. Well shit, on paper it was genious but in reality I’m a moron, it’s a complete cluster fuck. Then again Every brilliant plan A has a plan B-Z backing it up. I could sell Sookie and have the new boat.  Throw in the towel on the new boat and spend my summer sailing. Chuck all boat projects and ride my bike into the sunset. Shave my head and move back into the real world or just hit post, pour a glass of wine and enjoy living in the present…

From the log of Sookie – Sex, drugs and rock and roll. Minus the sex, minus the drugs and… Damnit!

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