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A late afternoon thunderstorm washes my senses clean. The evil spell of winter has dwindled to nothingness.  Cool cloudy days make me lazy, early mornings, hot coffee and late nights with big red sundowners.  Sookie and I have been in a lovers quarrel but we’ve kissed and made up.  I’m a lover not a fighter so I’ve been giving her the silent treatment while I hide from the weather and shirk my responsibility to love her in good times and bad. Living aboard year round has made my skin thick and my short term memory nearly non existent.

More packages have arrived, Sookies interior is what I would describe these days as cozy.  There is exactly enough room for one but tonight I will be entertaining. I’ve always preferred a neat and orderly ship but I’m getting used to the anarchy of constantly shifting from zone to zone. For the first time in 9 months Sookie is clean and fresh inside and out and it feels good to have a clean platform to work from. I haven’t unpackaged the new wind vane yet but it’s in the list.

Today saw lots of hard work and lots of BSing with local boaters, uke jam sessions when I felt like I was losing concentration and a nice long nap under the protective shade of my canopy. I’m tired but not sleepy, a perfect night for wine sampling with lots of snacks, good music and great company.  This is the calm before the storm, I keep reminding myself that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Sorting and shifting through the packages I found a mysterious one, I don’t recall where it came from but written on the side in big black ink are the words, open only in case of dire emergency…

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