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Taking a hack saw to your new bike is akin to  drilling holes through your boat but that's just what we did. Chopped 3" off the stem, hacked 1" off each side of the bars and dialed this little girl in till she fits me like a glove. We converted her wheels to tubeless with rim tape and 4 ounces per wheel of stans sealant. She is now virtually flat proof. I packed away and extra 4 ounces for later and just in case. My only job left was to bomb the island smashing into every damn thing I could to make sure the tires are well seated to the rims.

As usual I'm guided by dumb fucking luck and met Tom a fat tire enthusiast / fanatik and possible ride partner for the Baja divide. He took the whole bike apart, and put her back together with love and precision. She is absolutly dialed and ready to start adding frame bags and banging out some trial miles.  I freaking love the guys at Island Bicycles on San Juan, they have always stoked me and my rides.

I have  have a few C-notes left for last minute additions and then I'm flat broke with three remaining pay checks to fund the journey. That's how it works when you live a minimalist life. Food and money take a back seat to what ever carries you through the next journey be it boats, bikes or shhhh a bush plane, no that one still hasn't been scratched off the list. Somehow I will survive the next 27 days and then it's bangarang! and a long slow bike ride. On Toms advice I'm running 30 psi till I hit the dirt and then dropping to about 12 give or take. I have absolutely no clue when it comes to plus bikes.

Most of my gear is carry over from the last few big journeys but all my frame bags are new, expensive and yup, made in America. Hiding from the heat of the day I've found a tall cool drink of water to help pass the time till my ferry arrives. I'm celebrating by filling my piss bucket with ice and indulging in some really good beer I have on the boat. Less than a week ago bike-less and in despair I could have never imagined how fast this could all be put together. Like they say, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

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