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Up before the dawn I wasted my precious day off for a long run along the beach rather than sleeping in.  Somewhere out there, toes squishing through the cool wet morning sand I shed my skin like a chameleon and found my rightful place in this world.  Never feel sorry for a man with a Falmouth Cutter.

I had cookies for breakfast, ice-cream for lunch and cup of noodles for dinner.  I scrubbed Sookie from stem to stern throwing out little pairs of pink panties that seemed to be everywhere.  The well used sheets went along with those tiny scrapes of cotton and my new super purple snuggler came out, home sweet home. Between laundry and cleaning every nook and cranny I dropped another 500 on bike shit and a cute cyclist at the public shower invited me for a sunset beer and of corse I said hell yes; I might even let her pay ;)~

Back on track and it feels good to have my feet permanently planted in the clouds again.  In a month I set out for a much needed break from boat work and dock work.  A good friend dropped by, actually many did, the island is worried about me, it isn’t often they see me so sad but today I’ve got bigger fish to fry while the sands of time heal my tender old ticker.

The sky is bright and eerie due to fires in the north.  It’s hot and muggy and finally I’m not cold. I hate the idea off packing Sookie up but she patiently will wait as long as takes until I return reinvigorated and ready for the next adventure which may have already begun. Be daring, love boldly and live every day as it’s your last, it just may be…

From the log of Sookie. In A Midsummer Night’s Dream, William Shakespeare wrote, “Though she be but little, she is fierce.”

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