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The last of the cars off the ferry disappeared into the night leaving me on a pitch black hwy with nothing but the sounds of night.  I didn’t pass a single car on the long winding road home but I did have to dodge a few deer here and there.  Glowing eyes stared back at me from the woods as I ticked off the chilly miles bringing Chika home with me. It was a miricle of high speed reckless driving and unlimited optimism by Seatrout who picked me up from my train. The ferry was 25 minutes late as he had predicted and so came an end to my 40 straight hours of travel.  I’ve got a pile of the bare essentials and an appointment with a world class cyclist to help me dial this bike in for optimal performance and minimal knee disturbance.

I like fat tires and skinny girls. Slow rides and fast descents. Epic times, small budgets, big hills and red dirt. I worship water, gravity, exploration and a good dose of fear. Im always down for good beer, really any beer to be honest. Sleep is my cocaine. Love is my drug of choice and like the fabled Chupacabra I’ve been mistakenly identified more often than Sasquatch. This is my nature, I can’t help the way I am and I wouldnt try to change if I could.  Small mankinis, big stories, sun kissed living and yes, like you have to ask I am old enough to know better but young enough to do it again.

I ran into an old lover of mine today and she asked me. ” Jesus Ali can’t you ever do anything normal?” I shyly looked away with that Cheshire cats innocent grin. I took her for a ride and her smile was as big as mine, I don’t know what it is about riding bikes but even when it sucks ass and it does at times. Its still the most fun you can have with your clothes on.  We shed the bikes with our inhibitions on a private little beach.  I shared my secret spot with her, a cold beer and the hot afternoon sun and dead calm weather, today was made for Lovin.

I don’t  know how many smiles my journey will last with my ongoing knee issues but it doesn’t matter.  This ride is about the journey, not the destination. In less than a month my schedule will be open for the rest of this year and most of next. So much anticipation it’s killing me but there is much preparation to do before I set out, too much for the few allotted days I have to complete the tasks at hand.

From The log of Sookie Curled up next to me it’s almost as if she has always been here.  Her soft breathing soothes me as I quietly peck away at my key board. We’re both older now but the mark of time has been kind to us.  She smells the same, she feels the same and I can’t help but to wonder why I was so afraid of her. As usual it’s all my fault, I’m not easy to tame…

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