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I know what you thinking and your right, I did this all to myself; I always do. I sold my most prized posession, my Brompton. I had to fund the expedition and aquire two new off-road touring bikes.  Literally within hours of selling the bike my girlfriend went out for milk and never came back, that same day I was hit by a boat and it’s been going down hill ever since. Today I hauled Sookie out for the winter, I had a very bad feeling in my gut but ignored it and went ahead with the haulout. Half way there there new engine started to sputter and stall, she was talking to me but I couldn’t hear her. literally as we were flying through the air the email came through that infact there would be no bike for me in the near or far future.

Ive been in touch with the bike shop for a month trying to pull this together as winter comes fast in these parts and my departure day is only three weeks out.  The boat is loaded with hundreds of dollars of bags that are now useless to me and as of noon today I’m homeless.  My little Brompton was bar none the most functional and loved bike I’ve ever owned, I’ve missed her from the very second she left.  That first night when I spent every cent I had on her was pure bliss.  Arriving in the Hawaii islands with her, a one way ticket and less than 500 bucks was a true experience as was cycling the Oregon coast. I miss the bike more than the girl who is still out on her milk run, sorry, I can’t remember her name.

My new one man tent is set up, my backpack is packed and the options for winter are limitless but I just can’t see going through life under the veil of this curse. Damned are all humans without a bike to love and I’m the most cursed as I let her slip though my fingers. I can go anywhere and I can do anything but not without the love of a good iron horse at my side.  I’ll never be able to replace the beautiful orange frame as they’ve stopped making them but Berry Crush purple will fit my androgynous brain just fine and match my new mankini perfectly.  I won’t be doing the Baja divide on this bike but we will be going somewhere amazing and hopefully tropical.

Everything in this world happens for a reason. Yes it’s hard to swallow but it truly is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all.  There are pleanty of Bromptons in the sea and I’ll find my next one soon enough and love her as I’ve loved all the bikes in my past. The simplicity and freedom of a man on his bike with nothing but the open road ahead, that’s my heroin.  Yes I already miss living in Sookies cozy cabin but I’ll be back and she’ll be waiting.  The traveling season is here and for now it’s time to think about going for a nice little ride. And so I will continue to repeat the words I’ve grown quite used to in the quiet recesses of my mind.  It’s all my fault…

Written in the sand because I have no log book of being homeless, boatless and bikeless. ~ The weather has turned cold but my little down bag will warm my bones. Loneliness has taken over but the thrill of the unknown will be my constant companion. Yvon Chouinard said it best when he said, “Its not an adventure till something goes wrong.”


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