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On my wall is a sticky note with the remaining days till I leave. Each day I cross off a number replacing it with a smaller one. Today I should be writing the number 10. I pull the note off the wall, wad it up and throw it in the trash.

My last piece of gear came in the mail today. Sure there is a bike tool slowly crossing the Atlantic but I've written that one off, I have what I need and I'm sure that one would show up about an hour after I've left the island so I'm taking something I already have, well that was the plan.

The bike is dialed, packed and ready to go. My anemic budget, I have decided will work. The boat is almost packed away, my company and family's braced for the inevitable. I even have a ride to drop me off at the exact spot where I threw in the towel last year. It's official I'm doing a solo 1700 mile unassisted off road ride through Baja, nothing can stop me.

Looking back the weather was exactly as it is today? Cold, wet, damp and very uninviting. Perhaps it's a sign from the gods but sitting here I can feel it getting worse by the second. I refer to it as my knee but the ITB actually has nothing to do with the knee. You can't train or ride through it? It only gets worse and today it's about as bad as it was a month after I returned and the first sign of anything amiss. 30 minutes ago I was deep in my mind going thrown all the things I may have forgotten or over packed. Now I'm wondering just what the hell I'm going to do all winter and where I will store my unused bike.

Nothing can stop me, I repeat the phrase in my head followed by another one. Famous last words…

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