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I was about to pass out from delirium in the hot afternoon sun. Tarping Sookie off is major ordeal. So I'm on the for deck with a razor sharp knife in my teeth tripping over the spiders web of lines I have put up while trying  not to be engulfed in the real spiders webs which are everywhere, light headed and feeling like I'm going to pass out but there is no water to break my fall. One missed step and I'm in dirt nap territory. This is how the letter started and the picture below is how it is shaping up, I'm 99% ready to go.

Perched at the edge of insane drop in I egg my friends on, clearly we are all idiots being there in the first place but I just can't help it, I'm dropping in. I've sent more of my friends to the hospital with these simple words, here kitty kitty…

Well first I have three days from hell opening and closing the restaurant. 14 hours at peak capacity with only one other bartender who doesn't come in till 4:00. No severs, no busseres, not a prayer. There is a football game and the whale boat that drops a quick 50 lunchers just to add to it, I'm doomed. My plan was to be gone on the 10th. Only a few days earlier but the rain and cold is coming fast, winter will be chasing me the whole way so those few days really mattered. I'm too nice, I should have just told them to suck it when they asked me to stay but I like it here, it's been a good home so I stayed, I seriously regret my decision. Oh well, it's more fuel to fan the flames of why I'll never work for another again. I've already penned the intro to my new book. I don't care if nobody buys it I'm writing it.

I've envisioned this bike and the journey for longer than I care to admit but was having issues as usual with commitment. Back in June a very fragile creature gave me these good luck panties to set the wheels in motion. When say fragile I don't mean like fine crystal or a new born baby. I mean fragile as in a nuclear bomb! For as long as I can remember Ive always been given a pair of GLP's and they have always kept me safe. Superstitious is a freaking understatement.

Now it's just hurry up and wait, survive the best I can and hope I can recoup some of the idiot taxes I've been paying lately. I've packed away, mailed away and given away everything. All that remains is a special bottle of J.scott and a bottle of champagne to celebrate my early retirement. I'm feeling a little lost without my toys and saying goodbye has been harder than normal but I think that's because I have no reason to come back to the islands anytime soon. T- 4 days

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